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Selecting Enterprise-Ready MarTech to Go Omni-Channel

Today, all enterprise brands are required to exceed the personalized needs of their customers in real time and at scale. And as the marketer tasked with delivering on these promises, the only way you can accomplish this is with the right tools and technologies in place.

Unfortunately, too many organizations just aren’t equipped for this. It’s reported that 70 percent of marketers are unhappy with their current technology limitations and actively seeking change. But in its current state, the MarTech landscape is overwhelmingly crowded with vendors of wildly different qualities and capabilities. Such noise only adds to the challenge of selecting the right marketing technology.

Not only do you need to sift through the selection process to find the best-in-breed solution that fits your organizational needs, you need to implement and champion its use internally. You need an enterprise-ready solution that meets your immediate and long-term needs and you can’t afford to choose incorrectly.

Immediate Needs

  • Easy to use and marketer-friendly: Marketers want tools that are easy to use, yet powerful. Don’t let overly complex tools stifle creativity—empower your team to quickly create, test, and iterate on sophisticated campaigns without having to rely on technical resources to get the job done.
  • Single data platform: Insights gleaned from customer data are invaluable when personalizing experiences, and marketers need tools that unify and leverage data from all sources. Data silos impede marketing continuity and limit the ability to create memorable brand moments.
  • Omni-channel ready: Marketers need to get branded messaging in front of customers when the right moments strike. Customers demand relevant content and shouldn’t be forced to seek it out alone. True omni-channel solutions amplify brand messaging across all the channels.

Long-Term Needs

  • Easily deployable: The software selection process at a large enterprise can be incredibly lengthy. After a decision gets made, marketers shouldn’t have to wait even longer for new tools to be implemented and deployed. The right platform should integrate quickly into their existing MarTech stack.
  • Scalable architecture: Software built with outdated technology is anything but future-proof. The right tools need flexibility to onboard, segment, and integrate real-time data at scale. Innovative solutions are agile and capable of adapting to changing business needs.
  • Compliant: Personal data usage rights are under more scrutiny than ever before. Every piece of technology inside corporate marketing stacks must be compliant with the latest standards and regulations, including GDPR, to ensure the protection of customers’ fundamental rights.

For marketers currently facing the software decision-making challenge internally, we’ve created a supplemental guide to help you address the difficulties associated with MarTech selection.

Inside our omni-channel marketing buyer’s guide, we help you understand the benefits of modern growth marketing platforms and enable you to marshal your organization through the evaluation and selection process.

Detailed inside our guide, you’ll find:

  • Empirical research supporting the consumer sentiment shift toward engaging branded content across all communication channels.
  • How achieving data-driven individualization will be the new benchmark for personalizing all marketing campaigns.
  • Tips and guided responses for overcoming objections when facilitating internal conversations concerning upgrading marketing stack capabilities.
  • Tailored pitch points to help you win over leadership using a sound and consistent business case that will positively affect your company’s bottom line.
  • Resources to help you properly evaluate your growth marketing platform options, as well their capabilities.

Using the Iterable buyer’s guide, we’ll help you become the champion of marketing change. Download the guide today and get started!

Enterprise martech buyer's guide


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