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Expanding Our Leadership Team to Power Empathetic Engagement

Iterable is thrilled to announce today the addition of five leadership team members in 2020 who will be pivotal in furthering the company’s vision of empowering empathy-driven customer engagement. With a diversity of knowledge and lived experiences across the enterprise landscape, these leaders bring decades of collective wisdom that is fundamental to Iterable’s continued success.

In a press statement, Iterable co-founder and CEO Justin Zhu shared his thoughts on the news:

Empathic leadership is essential to fulfilling Iterable’s humanity-driven vision. We are elated to welcome such wonderful, empathetic leaders to the Iterable family. Their combined wisdom, lived experiences and heart are fundamental to supporting the thousands of Iterators in our community today and tomorrow.”

Why did these leaders decide to join Iterable, and what are they most excited about in the year to come? Here’s what they each had to say in their own words.

Iterable’s Key Additions

Leadership team - Bela Stepanova, VP of Product

Before joining Iterable, Bela founded Box’s growth team, where she was first introduced to the power of Iterable. She has held numerous product leadership positions, spending nearly 15 years building and designing products used by millions of users, from fintech to e-commerce to SaaS productivity. As a product leader, her biggest passion is people—bringing a user experience-first mindset to B2B products and building incredible, diverse teams. Bela has an engineering background and holds a BA in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

“Having experienced the power of Iterable firsthand, I was humbled to get a call from Jeff. The vision and the scale presented an exciting product challenge: powering sustainable business growth via value and empathy-driven experiences for billions of people. Then meeting the team of Iterators sealed the deal. I felt like I found a group of people who believe in each other and what we are trying to accomplish, and live every day with shared values.”


Mike McGuire, VP of Sales, EMEA

Prior to joining Iterable, Mike spent nearly six years at Salesforce, where he rose the ranks from individual contributor to Regional VP of Enterprise Sales. He has 18 years of experience across multiple industries, including SaaS, property and humanitarian organizations. Mike brings a proven track record in multinational selling and business growth. He earned his MSc in Business at University College Dublin and his BBS (Hons) at Dublin Institute of Technology.

“I sent my CV to Justin Zhu 48 hours after hearing about the company and its product. There is no other multichannel marketing platform in the market that makes personalisation at scale effortless for enterprise companies. But what makes Iterable so exciting in the long term is the amazing culture that acts as a magnet for the world’s best talent.”


Leadership team - Bill Press, SVP of Engineering

Bill joins Iterable from Optimizely, where he led a technology team of 120 people strong. He has over a decade of experience in enterprise SaaS, including at Salesforce leading the Search Technologies group and creating the developer-focused Productivity Cloud. Prior to Salesforce, Bill built distributed, high-scale enterprise search systems. He has a background in neuroscience and holds a Ph.D. in Computation and Neural Systems from Caltech.

“When I chose Iterable last year, it was because it had three things I could not find in any other single company: 1) a fast-growing business with a passionately dedicated customer base, 2) a strong leadership team capable of taking the company the distance, and 3) an amazing culture, grounded in warmth and humanity—key ingredients to creating a high-performing sustainable organization.”


Jan Zeman, SVP of Sales, Americas

Jan comes to Iterable from Medallia, where he helped lead the company’s growth from $150 million to over $500 million in revenue. Prior to Medallia, Jan spent nine years in sales leadership at Responsys, where he was a key member of the company’s journey through its IPO in 2011 and acquisition by Oracle in 2013 for $1.5 billion. Jan received his BS from Georgetown University.

“I have seen firsthand how hard it is for brands to personalize customer communications across channels at scale. When I got under the hood, I saw how Iterable’s real-time platform and modern data architecture massively simplifies the effort required to create a great customer experience. However, it was the team that really blew me away. It’s clear that Iterable’s values are embodied by every person in the company. It truly is a special place.”


Leadership team - Sanam Saaber, General Counsel

Sanam has spent the last 13 years representing organizations and products that are used by millions of people globally. She served as General Counsel and COO for DFINITY, as well as VP, Legal, at Box, where she led its commercial practice through its fundraising, growth, and IPO. Prior to her leading various legal teams, she started her career as a geneticist focused on cancer and stem cell research, and is passionate about the intersection of science and law.

“I joined Iterable to be a part of an amazing team aiming to reimagine the global economy powered by communities and brands. The pandemic has accelerated the speed at which digital marketing and advertising are changing, and fueled the significant growth of many new online industries. With this inflection point, Iterable is poised to enable a commerce transformation and tackling this challenge from both a legal and business capacity is exciting.”


Join Iterable’s Leaders at Activate Live

Iterable and its leadership team look forward to sharing knowledge, innovations and strategies on how brands can power unified customer experiences at its fourth-annual growth marketing conference Activate Live on April 7th. Complimentary registration for the virtual event is now open.

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