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Growth Marketing: The Best Intro You’ll Find This Year

From the beginning, Iterable has been envisioned as a platform that empowers marketers, making them more efficient and giving them new abilities to create world-class campaigns across all the channels. Concurrently, over the last few years, marketing itself has been undergoing big changes as a result of new technologies, new data sources, and consumer expectations.

This change is partly being driven by agile marketing tools like Iterable, which give marketers access to new capabilities around the campaigns they can run, the data they can use and the channels they can interact with customers through, all while freeing them from having to depend on engineering and IT departments.

We call this new type of marketing Growth Marketing, and we’re really excited to share our latest whitepaper with you. It’s An Introduction to Growth Marketing and it explains what Growth Marketing is, what it isn’t and what you need to do.

We’ve laid out:

  1. A framework for understanding Growth Marketing
  2. A guide to what you need to put in place for Growth Marketing
  3. What a Growth Marketing Platform means

This whitepaper is meant for everyone that wants to understand how marketing is changing and what they need to do about it. From CMOs to individual contributors, from Fortune 100 companies to startups, from marketing professionals to people that just occasionally work with marketers.

Take a look at the whitepaper and send us any feedback. And stay tuned for upcoming content that will delve deeper into each of the areas we touch on in this whitepaper.

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