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How CreativeLive Personalized Its Email Marketing to 10 Million Students

The demand for e-learning is exponentially increasing, whether it’s to start a side hustle in photography or develop entrepreneurial skills to launch a business.People interested in making progress with their artistic and professional goals turn to CreativeLive, the world’s largest premium online creative education platform.

CreativeLive empowers and inspires over 10 million students worldwide with more than 1,500 curated classes, taught by over 1,ooo of the world’s top experts, including New York Times best-selling authors, Oscar winners and legendary entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Mark Cuban.

To deliver personalized content to millions of users, CreativeLive relies on Iterable’s Growth Marketing Platform. Iterable enables CreativeLive to align its targeted email messaging with customer behavior and interests.

Download the CreativeLive case study to learn how the company doubled its click-through rates by using Iterable.

Iterable’s Impact at CreativeLive

Data silos between departments and systems were major concerns for CreativeLive, which needed an integrated, user-friendly platform that could handle both transactional and marketing emails.

Its legacy email provider suffered frequent technical issues and support delays, making it difficult for CreativeLive to effectively manage its campaigns.

CreativeLive selected Iterable for its ease of use and on-call customer support. Since implementing Iterable, email setup and testing times have been cut by 50%, increasing efficiency and accelerating education for its students.

By synthesizing multiple data streams into one intuitive platform, the CreativeLive marketing team has found more hours in the day to craft the personalized content that converts.

Read the CreativeLive case study for a full workflow spotlight and contact us to learn how your business can implement high-performance campaigns by using the Iterable Growth Marketing Platform.

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