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Ideal Inbox Placement: Arrive as Intended With Iterable's Deliverability Services

Imagine doing all the difficult, time-consuming work to develop the copy and creative for an email; code a highly personalized, beautifully designed template; and pass the arduous chain of reviews and approvals—only to have your message end up in the spam folder. Talk about frustrating!

You already know that just because you send an email, that doesn’t mean it lands in the right place. Email deliverability is a nuanced subject, and the inner workings of how ESPs and ISPs work together can often seem opaque.

Iterable is here to help ensure that your messages arrive as intended, which is why we’re excited to announce Deliverability Services.

We’ve assembled a best-in-class, in-house deliverability team of experts, who help senders maximize their email program ROI by focusing on strategic and tactical best practices that are designed to increase your brand’s sending reputation and achieve ideal inbox placement.

What Is Included in Iterable’s Deliverability Services?

With Iterable’s Deliverability Services, you can now gain an unprecedented view of your messages’ placement for mailbox providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and many others.

You can also gain an understanding of advanced spam trap data with robust alerts via email, SMS and other channels.

These services provide the following product offerings:

  • Community ISP Health monitors inboxing behavior over time across all providers so you know how your emails are performing worldwide
  • DNSBL/DBL Blacklist monitoring to protect your sender reputation
  • Integration with Microsoft’s Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) enables easy access to direct reputation data
  • 25 seed tests per month so you can not only fix any display issues across devices but also determine the impact of your inbox placement before sending to your target audience

What Are the Benefits?

Iterable clients can partner with our in-house deliverability experts who can provide ongoing guidance and support to improve your email program over time. You’ll gain direct access to actionable data regarding marketing campaigns, transactional messages, IPs and inbox placement.

Our Deliverability Services now make Iterable the one-stop shop for all your cross-channel marketing needs to activate, nurture and re-engage your customers properly in a single platform.

Ultimately, our mission is to give your team the tools you need to increase ROI across email—and every other channel that matters to your audience.

Want to Learn More?

Find out how you can better navigate the complexities of email engagement with Iterable by requesting a one-on-one demo with a product expert today.

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