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Iterable's Now in Denver!

So, about last week in the Mile High City.

In the span of three days, Iterable announced its third office in Denver, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony, sponsored Denver Startup Week, attended the job fair and participated in the Startup Crawl with a Mexican-themed fiesta!

Lots to unpack, but it is our absolute pleasure to officially join “Silicon Mountain” with our very own space to foster Iterable’s continued growth and innovation.

Denver is the perfect location for us, as it’s a leading tech hub and fosters an inclusive environment that aligns with our company values,” said Justin Zhu, Iterable’s co-founder and CEO.

With all the excitement surrounding our expansion, we thought we’d give you a quick recap of the week.

Officially Open for Business

Iterable Denver Ribbon Cutting

Iterable COO Jeff Samuels and Tami Door from Downtown Denver Partnership officially celebrate the opening of our Denver office.

Our Denver office has been an integral piece in our future outlook for Iterable, and we were honored to invite Tami Door from Downtown Denver Partnership to join in our celebration.

Currently, we have 35 employees in Denver with a goal of reaching 45 by the end of the year.

“We’re incredibly excited to join Denver and feel extremely supported by the community and amazed by the amount of talent here,” added Dan Brayton, senior director of business operations. “My goal is to bring the best of Iterable’s culture and combine it with the presence of Denver to develop an office that has the best of all worlds.”

As you can see we even bought an official ribbon and comically-sized scissors. From there, the next step was to introduce ourselves to our fellow Denver residents!

Denver Startup Week

Denver Startup Week (DSW) is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that is becoming synonymous with the Denver community. Events take place over the course of the week to highlight and showcase Denver’s culture of innovation.

This celebration of growth and ingenuity align so closely with Iterable’s values that we had to throw in our support. We acted as a member-level sponsor, which included tickets to VIP events with Lindsey Vonn, John Elway, and more.

DSW Job Fair

To immerse ourselves even more into the community, we hosted a booth at the DSW job fair.

The largest event of its kind in the region, the DSW job fair lived up to its billing. Jam-packed with businesses, professionals and job-seekers, the event served as a perfect glimpse at how much the city has grown in recent years and how important the startup community is to the continued growth of the city.

We were honored to take part and couldn’t be more excited to take part in future events as well!

A DSW Fiesta

To close out the eventful week, we held an open house to truly welcome community members to Iterable. To spice things up a bit, we hosted a Mexican-themed fiesta as part of the DSW Startup Crawl.

The crawl is a chance for participants to peek behind the curtain and experience these companies firsthand.

We brought appetizers, drinks, music and games to help bring a fun close to a busy week for all involved!

Join Us

We have felt welcomed already by a burgeoning startup community and the city at large. As mentioned, Iterable’s presence in Denver is fresh, and we’re looking to hire! 

If you’re looking to be part of an amazing, tight-knit team, join us!

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