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Iterable Named Best SaaS Company to Work For

We’re proud to share that we’ve been named the Best SaaS Company to Work For by Future of SaaS. Future of SaaS was founded in early 2020 with a mission to provide an unrivaled resource to help those within SaaS organizations drive innovation and growth. Over the course of the last year and a half, The Future of SaaS network has expanded rapidly to include leading founders, senior execs, product pros, commercial leads, talent managers, and investors from around the world.

This Best SaaS Company to Work For award recognizes the companies who are really putting the work into creating a great environment for their employees. Recognizing companies with awesome perks, close-knit cultures, professional development budgets, a desire to let employees share their ideas and have their voices heard, and more, this award aims to set a standard for others in the industry. We’re proud of this achievement!

Brand Affinity™ was also recognized as a finalist in the award for SaaS Product of the Year, alongside UJET, Engagedly, and Nearpod. This award is for the products that have packed a punch, inspired awe and envy, or have made marketers’ lives a little easier.

The Best People to Work With

As our business grows, we continue to make decisions, investments, and set initiatives that are not solely business-driven. Instead, they’re driven by our partners, our communities, and our people.

Here’s a bit more about our commitment from Sara Reidl, VP of People here at Iterable:

The Future of SaaS

We all have been waiting for the future of work to come, and, expedited by the pandemic, it came faster than expected. The last year and a half is completely reshaping the way we work and collaborate with our colleagues.

It’s no surprise that many organizations are finding these times very difficult. Rather than rail against the remote work reality, it is important for leaders to recognize the opportunity to reshape and reinvent their workplaces and prepare for the post-pandemic reality.

The Future of SaaS Slack Community is growing every single day. Join the conversation at futureofsaas.slack.com to connect with SaaS gurus from all over the world!

Does Iterable sound like a place where you would thrive? Explore open roles on our careers page!

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