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Iterable's Ingest Toolkit Empowers Marketers to Easily Activate Their Data

Iterable helps brands from around the world deeply connect with their customers through timely cross-channel communications tailored to each individual. We strive to make it easy for any marketer to leverage data within their journeys, campaigns, and templates, but we know that sometimes the most valuable data is locked behind analytics or engineering teams’ backlogs. The result is stale communications, customer disengagement, and lower ROI.

Today, we are beyond excited to announce a massive leap forward in helping marketers overcome these challenges with our new Iterable Ingest Toolkit. This set of capabilities empowers marketers to bring all of their rich data into Iterable—without submitting engineering tickets or dealing with manual CSVs.

The Ingest Toolkit is highlighted by Smart Ingest, a free Iterable-native solution co-developed with Hightouch. Smart Ingest directly connects cloud data platforms to Iterable, making it easier than ever to bring user attributes, customer lists, product catalogs, and more into Iterable. The Ingest Toolkit also includes Data Schema Management, an intuitive user interface where marketers can manage and control their data schema. Together, these new features help marketers activate their data and drive richer personalization without engineering support.

In addition to the Ingest Toolkit, we’re making it easier for marketers to scale their impact across their businesses by updating how Iterable shares data directly with cloud data platforms to include AI-enriched user profile attributes.

What is Smart Ingest?

Brands have no shortage of data, but it’s often locked away in cloud data platforms and not accessible to marketing teams in the tools they use every day. Historically, getting that data into the hands of marketers has required filing tickets, waiting for engineers to build custom integrations, or simply giving up and abandoning campaign ideas altogether.

Smart Ingest, the Iterable-native feature co-developed with Hightouch, solves this by directly connecting Iterable to any major cloud data platform. It offers an intuitive, marketer-friendly user interface (UI) directly within Iterable for importing user attributes, populating customer lists, dynamically updating product catalogs, and using the latest data from cloud data platforms.

With Smart Ingest, marketing teams can bring all of their rich customer data into Iterable, enhancing their ability to segment and personalize campaigns—without having to deal with manual data uploads or waiting on technical teams.

“Iterable and Hightouch share a vision of democratized data, where every marketer has self-service access to all of their customer data and can activate it to deliver personalized experiences that create stronger customer connections,” shared Kashish Gupta, Founder and co-CEO of Hightouch. “We’re thrilled to partner more closely with Iterable to deliver our technology to marketing teams around the world.”

Smart Ingest will be available at no additional cost and will support all major cloud data platforms.

What is Data Schema Management?

Adding to the Ingest Toolkit is Data Schema Management—a visual experience empowering marketers to control and defend their data’s structure to drive faster activation, collaboration, and reporting across systems and teams.

With just a click in Iterable, marketers can lock their data structure, ensuring unmatched data integrity by preventing the addition of unintended data fields. This control not only maintains the consistency and reliability of their data but also makes the platform incredibly easy to use.

Data Schema Management also enables marketers to intentionally update their data schema, streamlining their data organization process without needing deep technical skills. With precise data management, campaigns become more targeted, measurable, and scalable. Marketers leveraging Iterable are not just organizing and activating data but optimizing their marketing impact.

Unleash AI Across Your Business with Iterable & Snowflake Secure Data Sharing

Our customers have fueled their cross-channel communications with our AI-powered Brand Affinity™ and Predictive Goals to make better targeting decisions, boost loyalty, and unlock business growth.

Now, it’s time to bring these powerful AI-enriched user attributes and augment their business data directly in their Snowflake accounts so they can scale their impact across their businesses.

For example, eligible marketers can now design better in-product experiences to boost loyalty for customers who are classified as “Neutral” by Brand Affinity™. Similarly, by making Predictive Goals available in Snowflake, brands can now combine these user scores with other business or product data to clearly see how various in-product experiences influence engagement and conversion rates for specific custom events and customer segments.

This update enhances our Snowflake Secure Data Sharing solution by incorporating a complete set of user profile data into the already existing flow of campaign data—eliminating the need for custom pipelines and engineers.

Own Your Data Strategy

Iterable is built for marketers. With this newest release we’re building on this vision by empowering marketers to easily activate more of their customer data by reducing their reliance on tech and engineering teams.

The Ingest Toolkit and updates to our Snowflake Secure Data Sharing solution enable marketers to connect and activate their cloud data platforms, manage their data structure on the platform, and augment their Snowflake accounts with AI-powered user classifiers so they can truly unlock customer joy, all while reducing their dependence on tech teams.

To learn more about the Ingest Toolkit with Smart Ingest and the update to our Snowflake Secure Data Sharing solution, check out what’s new. For more info on Hightouch, visit

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