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Maximize Deliverability With New Spam Reports

It’s happened to all of us—a flash of brilliance spawned an idea for the perfect campaign. You’ve built out that idea with flawless imagery and copy, hand-selected an optimal audience and designed a seamless workflow. The campaign goes live and braced for success, you check the metrics…but the email flopped. Your awesome campaign success was derailed by the dreaded spam folder.

It’s every email marketer’s nightmare—crafting a thoughtful campaign only to stumble out of the gate by missing the subscribers’ inbox. And as a marketer, you instantly understand the repercussions from this. Missing the inbox detrimentally impacts your opens, clicks and overall conversions.

This problem has grown so much that, according to our friends at SparkPost, fighting spam is becoming an increasingly pressing issue! Creating new ways to gauge spam confidence levels and inbox placement has become a central focus.

And we’re doing our part! To better gauge deliverability and placement results, we’ve launched our new Spam Reports, giving your marketing team the peace of mind it needs to run effective triggered email campaigns.

So what are Spam Reports exactly?

Spam Reports allow you to test your templates against a set of filters. When you run a report, you will see filter options, including Personal, Corporate, and other email authentication tests.

We made it super simple for you to track the results: the report will indicate a Pass or Fail after each filter applied in the test. Using the Spam Reports and adopting standard email deliverability best practices will ensure your campaigns are reaching your subscribers’ inboxes.


Iterable Spam Reporting

See whether your emails are landing in the inbox with Iterable Spam Reports.

Where do I find Spam Reports in Iterable?

You can find Spam Reports at the bottom of your Templates page or within Campaigns, as seen below: “Check Spam Report.”

Iterable Spam Report nav

For more details on Spam Reports and how to run a report in Iterable, check out our Support article.

To learn more about what’s new at Iterable, please sign up for our live demo on March 22nd at 10 am PT.

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