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Recapping The State of Mobile Marketing

With mobile becoming an increasingly predominant channel for consumers, we wanted to check-in and evaluate the current state of mobile marketing. So, Craig Elston, Iterable’s Senior Director of Strategic Services sat down with Lisa Martin, Twilio’s VP of ISV, to chat about where mobile marketing currently stands and where it’s going, and, as a follow up, Craig reviews some findings from a recent survey we conducted. We all know mobile matters…but why?

To get even more detail about the state of mobile marketing, be sure to watch the full webinar.

Mobile is the New Normal

Mobile devices are now being used for much more than just communicating with friends and family. When there’s something you need to Google, a service you need to reschedule, or an item you want to purchase, your smartphone is the first thing you reach for. Because consumers are constantly attached to their phones, mobile marketing is a necessity if you want to engage with them.

As Lisa points out in the webinar, mobile marketing as a whole isn’t new. The clichés have shifted from “mobile marketing is here to stay” to “mobile marketing is the new normal.” However, the way brands utilize mobile marketing is where the difference lies.

Warby Parker, an eyeglasses brand, for example, uses augmented reality (AR) to let potential customers virtually “try on” their glasses through their mobile app. This not only engages the customer in a similar manner to an in-store experience, by providing a unique tool, but does so via a channel where making a purchase is as easy as a couple of clicks. The customer can try on glasses, add them to their cart, and buy them right from the mobile app.

Using modern mobile marketing creates a richer experience, allows consumers to engage with your brand, and builds loyalty. But, these benefits hinge on creating a consistent experience across devices, not just on mobile.

Build a Seamless, Digital-First Experience

Because mobile is the new normal, mobile marketing needs to be worked into a broader cross-channel strategy. In a digital-first marketing strategy—one that values digital channels as much as, if not more than, traditional channels—customers need to be able to bounce around the different devices they use in their shopping journey and have a seamless experience across all platforms. In fact, 83% of consumers want to be able to move seamlessly between channels.

Customers want to be able to research a product on their desktop computer, add it to their cart, then log into the app, find the same product in their cart, and easily checkout.

Not only are customers looking for a cohesive shopping experience across devices, but smartphones are becoming increasingly personal by nature. Each individual consumer has their own preferences, photos, apps, etc. So, connecting with consumers through mobile marketing has become a sentimental engagement.

Therefore, when building out your cross-channel marketing strategy, mobile marketing included, it’s vital to put the customer first and consider customer privacy. There’s a balance brands need to strike between being able to reach customers at all times and respecting boundaries.

The Consumer Perspective

While we, as marketers, know mobile marketing is a huge part of today’s customer experience, we wanted to hear directly from the consumers about their experience receiving these messages. Iterable surveyed 1,100+ people with 22 questions specifically regarding mobile marketing. Our goal was to get a better understanding of consumers’ behaviors, sentiments, preferences, mobile usage, and the relationship between their experiences and the value they get from marketing communications.

We learned that the majority of those surveyed spend between four and six hours on their phones, per day. That’s roughly a quarter of every day! This highlights why mobile is such a useful channel for connecting with consumers.

But, there’s room for improvement. 64% of respondents said they are neutral or somewhat satisfied with the value of mobile alerts they receive. This could explain why only 52% of those surveyed enable notifications on their downloaded apps. If there’s not any value added from push notifications, why bother opting in? To connect with consumers on their mobile devices, brands have to go beyond a standard SMS or push notification.

Turn Up the Personalization in Your Mobile Marketing

Not only is mobile the new normal, personalization is too. Consumers are seeing brands create custom messages and seamless experiences for them, so they know it’s possible. They don’t know what your martech stack looks like, sure, but they don’t care. They know a personalized experience is possible, so they expect it.

Mobile marketing is no exception. You’re messaging their personal device, so your marketing has to deliver value and engage consumers to build and nurture a long-lasting relationship.

To get more mobile marketing statistics and learn more about the state of mobile marketing and how you can create a seamless cross-channel customer experience, watch the whole webinar.


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