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Enhance Your Relevance With Send-Time Experiments

As a growth marketer, understanding your audience is the golden rule of sending effective marketing campaigns. Whether that involves analyzing your customer’s digital behavior or testing what messaging truly resonates, the ultimate goal is to personalize the experience of each and every user to ensure that your messages remain relevant.

To abide by our mission of powering omni-channel relevance at scale, we have been developing new ways to increase engagement. Over the past few months, our team has been focused on empowering marketers to send messages at the right time to maximize relevance with their users.

Up until now, our clients could test what type of content to send to their customers: subject lines, preheader text, email body copy, and other creative elements. To stay aligned with their business needs, we’ve now added an easier way for marketers to test time of send with their subscriber base.

With the launch of Iterable’s latest Send-Time Experiments, the modern marketer can now create single or multivariate tests with content as well as time. Early adopters within the Iterable community have already seen a positive impact with Send-Time Experiments, finding the feature a perfect addition to our growth marketing platform.

What Are Send-Time Experiments?

Send-Time Experiments allow modern marketers to test the ideal time and day for their omni-channel campaigns across email, SMS, and push.

  • No more trying to predict when subscribers open emails.
  • No more guessing when users are engaged during a mobile-push or text campaign.
  • No more wondering when’s the ideal time to increase purchases and other desired conversions.

What Sets Iterable Experiments Apart From the Rest?

Our Experiments dashboard allows you to quickly launch single or multivariate tests for any active campaign in your project.

With the click of a button, you can either randomly split your send across all variations or have Iterable algorithmically determine a winner for you that will maximize opens, clicks or conversions over time, using multi-armed bandit algorithms.

If you want to learn more about testing in Iterable, check out our support article on A/B Experiments.

Where Is This Feature Located in Iterable?

Within the Experiments dashboard in Iterable, there is now a box labeled, “Send-Time Experiments.” Much like the process of testing content, you can select your preferred metric to maximize open rates, click-through rates, or conversions.

As seen below, there are additional fields to test, which include the day of the week and the time of day. It is also important to note that there is a field that specifies time zone. If you do not indicate a time zone, Iterable will automatically choose the recipient’s time zone for the experiment.

Send-Time Experiments

Maximize opens, clicks, and conversions with Iterable’s new Send-Time Experiments.

What Is the Impact of Send-Time Experiments?

With the ability to test content and send time, marketers can now achieve higher conversion rates and faster results.

  • Improve overall campaign performance
  • Increase user and customer engagement
  • Enhance relevance across email, SMS, and push

Join us on Tuesday, June 5th, for a live demo to experience Send-Time Experiments in action.

Can’t make it? Contact us for your own customized demo at your convenience.

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