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Things Are Heating Up: Hillary vs. Trump

With 100 days left to the election, the US presidential race is in the final stretch. Things are heating up. In fact, that’s quite an understatement.

So we thought it would be interesting to take one more look at how the Trump and Hillary campaigns are engaging their supporters across different channels. We analyzed both campaigns back in October and found some stark differences in how they were messaging their followers. (We’re re-posting the Slideshare at the end of this post in case you want to review that first teardown.)

Some things have changed but others haven’t. First what has changed:

  1. The Trump campaign has ramped up their messaging. The number of emails sent more than doubled, and they are now active on SMS.
  2. The Hillary campaign has also ramped up messaging, from an already high base. It also more than doubled, and they are also now active on SMS.

And the things that have not changed:

  1. The Hillary campaign is still sending way more messages than Trump.
  2. The Hillary campaign is still presenting followers with more opportunities to engage (e.g., win Hamilton tickets, DNC tickets, etc.).
  3. The content of both campaigns’ messages has actually converged. Most of the messages look very similar and have a similar tone.
  4. Even if both campaigns are adopting an omni-channel approach, neither of them is doing much coordination and alignment across channels (in this case email, SMS and social media).

Without further ado, see below for the Hillary vs. Trump User Engagement Teardown (Take 2). (Note: if you can’t see the embedded SlideShare, make sure to turn off any ad blockers!)

For those of you that want to look at the original teardown, here it is:

You can download the slides and see our past teardowns (including Pinterest, Dollar Shave Club and more) on our User Engagement Teardowns page.

Note: The Hillary and Trump campaigns are not Iterable customers.

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