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True Omni-Channel Relevance…At Last

It’s a great day for all of us here at Iterable! We’ve been hard at work in our efforts to enable enterprise B2C companies to finally achieve true omni-channel relevance at scale. The last few months have been all hands on deck, and today we’re thrilled to announce the culmination of this endeavor.

As of today, the Iterable platform integrates across each of the major channels that consumers interact with daily: email, direct mail, web, mobile and social. Consumers engage with each of these channels in unique ways and now brands can communicate across all of them as part of a more robust customer experience.

To intuitively activate each of these channels, we’ve enhanced our platform’s functionality to decrease the time required to build templates and deploy campaigns. With the launch of Workflow Studio, our highly visual, drag-and-drop workflow builder, marketers can intuitively create and execute sophisticated campaigns, triggered from subscriber actions and behaviors.

Today’s marketers can now create the advanced, powerful campaigns they’ve always wanted to without having to worry about relying on technical resources.

Available in the coming weeks, Iterable customers will have access to a suite of new platform functionality:

  • Workflow Studio’s visual, intuitive workflow and Universal Webhooks integrate with profile data to trigger personalized campaigns across multiple channels
  • Automated direct mail campaigns through a robust integration with Lob
  • Web push notifications for browser-based personalization
  • Rich content mobile push notifications with images, HTML and interactive buttons
  • Lookalike audience segmentation with direct integration to Facebook and Instagram Custom Audiences
  • Standardized dynamic template snippets that manage content across campaigns and marketing channels
  • Deep linking capabilities on iOS and Android to create a frictionless mobile experience

We’re inherently aware of the challenges that marketers face today. Online and offline channels should work harmoniously so every message a consumer sees is not only personalized, but relevant to them.

Individualized experiences are what consumers want out of brands in today’s on-demand economy. Marketers should be agile instead of bound by the challenges of data silos and fragmented, multiple point solutions.

Every day, we’re pushing farther ahead toward enabling marketers to accomplish true omni-channel relevance at scale. With Iterable, marketers are finally empowered to deliver a completely seamless, personalized experience to their customers.

In closing, we’re incredibly pleased at how far we’ve come in our own journey, but there still remains much to be done. If you’d like to take part in innovating the marketing technology landscape, check out our open positions. We’re hiring across the board in sales, marketing, engineering and customer success, so come join our amazing team!

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