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Why Data Activation is Crucial for Your Martech Stack

Census is the #1 Data Activation platform that helps Sonos, Canva, Masterclass, and Notion revolutionize data-driven marketing. By transforming the cloud data warehouse into a Composable CDP, it unites every team around a single source of truth. Census empowers marketing teams to launch faster, create more intelligent campaigns, and decrease customer acquisition costs with a visual point-and-click interface and Reverse ETL connectors to hundreds of business tools like Iterable, Intercom, Mixpanel, Google Ads, and The Trade Desk.

Even in today’s data-driven marketing landscape, marketers are only scratching the surface of building great customer experiences. In fact, according to Invesp, “87% of marketers say data is their company’s most under-utilized asset.”

The unfortunate truth is that most marketers today need more valuable data that can help them create personalized experiences and measure ROI. Unlocking the power of data is the key that will catapult brands into a new era of engagement in 2024 and beyond.

The Biggest Challenge: Personalization

Consumers are more cautious and demanding than ever, and 71% expect personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey.

“Creating marketing that feels like service is how you blow the socks off your market and win. You can do that when you understand your customer’s experience,” said Lisa Horner, SVP of Marketing at AppFolio.

She continued, “First-party data gives you the power to create value for your customer. When you’re blind to your customer, you’re in trouble. Eliminating blindness to your customer’s experience is really important.”

Resource-constrained marketers can only reach the right customers through carefully targeted messages, personalization, and segmentation. But what’s the key to hyper-personalizing engagement? Leveraging real-time, comprehensive data to serve up the most compelling content at pivotal moments.

Leveraging Customer Data With the Newest MarTech Innovations

The good news: you don’t need to scramble to find customer data to use for marketing. Everything you need to supercharge your campaigns is already sitting in your company’s data warehouse, waiting to be tapped.

As we’ll see with Upside’s success story, leveraging a data activation platform to tap into this rich repository can unlock meaningful advancements in customer experience and drive revenue for your business.

The newest generation of marketing technology, such as Data Activation platform, Census, now enables deep customer targeting like never before. With Census Audience Hub, it’s easy to unify data into a 360° view, build granular custom audiences, and export those customer lists to Iterable.

How Upside Improved its Loyalty Program CTR by 96%

Upside is a global cash back platform that helps both retailers and consumers get more value from their money. Unifying customer data was one of Upside’s biggest challenges, which made it difficult for their digital marketing team to deliver targeted, personalized user offers.

Their source of truth for customer data was in Snowflake, but it wasn’t connected to Iterable, where Upside’s marketers build campaigns. They couldn’t use Iterable’s powerful engagement features to their full potential, making advanced marketing initiatives—like loyalty programs—hard to execute.

In parallel, the lack of 360° customer context in other platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Salesforce, and Zendesk hindered their ability to optimize customer experiences across multiple channels and drive consistent outcomes.

Read the full success story here.

Simplified Audience Building With Census Audience Hub

After implementing Census, Upside was able to supercharge their Iterable account with access to all their 360° customer data in Snowflake. Today, marketers build audiences in one central place, Census Audience Hub, and then export those custom lists to all their business tools like Iterable and Google Ads. Census is a massive time saver for day-to-day operations because it automatically keeps audiences up-to-date when source data or audience memberships change—no CSVs, coding, or engineering favors needed!

Deploying a Loyalty Program with Ragnarok

With the martech stack in place to build and activate granular custom audiences, Upside leaned on their marketing agency and Iterable partner, Ragnarok, to strategically improve their personalization efforts. Thanks to Ragnarok’s expertise in handlebar logic, Upside deployed a comprehensive lifecycle campaign centered around purchase behavior.

Upside’s improved loyalty program now includes 27 possible messages (across email, in-app, and push notifications) over one month, depending on how the user progresses through the program. Users get monthly updates to track their progress and encourage them to make a certain number of purchases. When users hit the desired purchase threshold, Upside gives loyalty rewards for the following month.

Rapid Experimentation With Iterable Journeys

Thanks to Iterable’s marketing automation capabilities, testing different variants and sequences of the loyalty program was simple. Ragnarok leveraged Census to push the necessary behavioral data into Iterable to orchestrate complex messaging sequences. By testing three separate variants of the program using Iterable’s Experiments, Ragnarok could efficiently build and analyze over 80 message variants to optimize the program. Ultimately, Upside improved the click-through rate of email campaigns by 96% month-over-month and forged a more personal bond with their customers.

Key Takeaways

As Upside’s success story shows, leveraging customer data is essential to launching faster, more intelligent marketing campaigns and supercharging personalized experiences.

Activating data in Iterable is the next step for brands looking to enter the next era of modern customer engagement. Our three key takeaways are:

  1. Data Activation is crucial. It connects your single customer view to your marketing efforts, making you more real-time and data-driven than ever.
  2. Personalization is the key to ROI. Better data results in better personalization. To target accurately and deeply, invest in a solution that updates audiences continuously and makes your data available seamlessly.
  3. Your martech stack should embrace data. Choose a customer engagement platform that integrates with your tech stack, instead of using siloed tools. Unite marketing, sales, and data teams around the same 360° view of your customer.

“The last decade was all about bringing sales and marketing together. The next decade will be about bringing data and marketing together.”

— Boris Jabes, CEO at Census

With the help of Census and Iterable, you can activate first-party data to reduce customer acquisition costs, unlock even more ROI, and drive higher revenue and retention rates.

Ready to make data a part of your competitive advantage? Check out Iterable’s data capabilities or schedule a Census Audience Hub demo.

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