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Workato and Iterable Partner to Automate Personalization at Scale

In today’s world, customer data is spread across a large number of sources—from marketing, sales and support, to your own application(s). Workato, the leading Enterprise Automation platform, enables you to integrate with all these sources to break customer data silos and bring context from all these applications to deliver personalized experiences at scale with security and governance.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Iterable to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences through the power of integration and workflow automation.

The rewards for capitalizing on data are significant. Forbes reports that “marketers see a 760% increase in email revenue from personalized and segmented campaigns,” and 80% of companies report seeing an uplift since implementing personalization, according to Econsultancy. Those are some high returns, and to achieve them, you need to have actionable data across applications.

Here are some examples of how you can use Iterable and Workato together to drive revenue, improve customer experience and see those high returns we touched on above.

Drive repeat purchases through targeted campaigns with CRM Integration

If your company uses Salesforce, Zendesk Sell, or another CRM as the single source of truth for your sales data and contacts associated with the sale, this data is extremely valuable for building campaigns to drive additional revenue from the customer.

If you are using an external CRM or CDP, you can integrate it with Iterable using Workato in order to:

  • Automatically create contacts in the CRM and keep them in sync in real-time, thereby ensuring Iterable always has all the potential marketable contacts.
  • Any changes made to the contact in the CRM can automatically be synced back to Iterable, and vice versa.
  • Run targeted campaigns based on the data stored in your CRM.
Iterable integration with Workato and Salesforce

Workato can automatically match Iterable events with the correct contact in Salesforce and if the contact doesn’t exist, Workato searches for matching leads. If no lead is present, Workato will create a new lead.

For example, say a customer buys a product and the details of the order are stored in Salesforce. You can sync the customer contact information associated with that order in Salesforce to Iterable in real-time, and then send them a welcome email with offers of related products that they can purchase. 

Run campaigns based on user behavior data by integrating with analytics tools

Iterable insights are extremely valuable, but only represent one piece of the puzzle when it comes to customer data. Analytics tools such as Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Google Analytics also offer unique insights into aspects of user behavior, including their intent, product usage, navigation paths, engagement, and more.

This data is immensely valuable as it enables you to segment and target users based on their behavior and the actions they have taken.

For example, you could provide a coupon to all the users who have viewed a specific product page or pricing page multiple times in the past few days, or all the users who have abandoned their shopping cart where the cart contained a specific product.

These data-driven responses are important, but it can be a challenge to implement these at scale.

By integrating Iterable with customer behavior analytics tools you can:

  • Automatically pull data from analytics tools into Iterable in real-time, enabling you to run hyper-personalized campaigns based on user behavior. No more manually downloading/uploading data at regular intervals.
  • Automatically move the data from Iterable into specific projects in Mixpanel and Amplitude. This way the product teams and analysts have the data from Iterable available right in the project view for their own analysis.

Drive hyper-personalized campaigns based on a unified customer view 

To drive your cross-channel campaigns you’ll need a persistent, unified customer database where all the data related to a customer is stored and can be combined to provide a single customer profile.

You may be using a data warehouse like Snowflake, Redshift, or BigQuery and it can act as this unified customer database.

To use your data warehouse in this way, you have to make sure:

  • It has all the customer-related data available
  • You can derive insights from this data and make it accessible to other marketing systems

To do this, you can use Workato to automatically load data from your CRM, Financial systems, Support, and user behavior analytics tools into the data warehouse in order to enable a 360-degree view of the customer. 

Workato uniquely allows you to move relevant data out of your data warehouse and directly into tools like Iterable so the data insights are actionable and don’t need to wait weeks for an analyst to pull them. This will increase efficiency and ultimately drive revenue. 

Workato and Iterable: Driving Effective Personalization at Scale

Even though marketers know their prospects and customers expect a personalized experience, many feel they don’t have sufficient data and insights to drive effective personalization.

Workato and Iterable are partnering to address this gap and ensure that the marketers have the data they need from all customer touchpoints inside of Iterable and beyond. In short, we want to enable marketers to deliver hyper-personalization at scale.

For more information on how to take advantage of this partnership, request a personalized demo.

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