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Karen Talavera is President and Founder of Synchronicity Marketing where she is an industry-leading email marketing expert, strategist, consultant, sought-after speaker and professional educator with 20 years' experience in data-driven digital marketing.

Growth Marketing

7 Lessons the B2B World Can Learn From B2C Email Marketers

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times: “That might work in B2C, but we’re B2B,” as if B2B marketers are from Mars and B2C from Venus. Well, B2B marketers, I have good news: we’re all inhabiting the same planet, Earth, which is populated by (shocker!) human beings. And human beings—whether they’re...

Growth Marketing

Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Strategies (For the Rest of Us)

Shopping cart abandonment emails—aka cart recovery campaigns—have long been a mainstay in the campaign arsenal of retailers and e-tailers, but what about the rest of us? Can we benefit from abandonment recovery campaigns, and should they be an essential in email marketing programs? Brands, companies and products that don’t normally lend themselves to e-commerce or...