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Centralized Data

Marketing powered by data, relationships developed through experience.

Unify your customer, product, business, and martech ecosystem data and experience the next iteration of integrated marketing. Conduct the campaigns you’ve always wanted with a platform designed for maximum scalability, data activation, performance, and results.

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Leverage Your Data’s Potential

See why modern architecture optimized for data changes the marketing game. Data housed across your martech stack flows seamlessly in and out of Iterable creating a technology environment where every byte of data becomes actionable. Build precise customer segments with web and mobile data, send users down workflows attuned to behaviors in real-time, personalize content with unique data at scale, and much more.

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Migrate with Confidence in Continuity

Transform from data-devoid to data-driven with a painless migration led by our team of experts. Don’t start from scratch—bring your data, schemas and existing user and event streams into our flexible data environment. We provide the structure, training and strategic guidance to help you comprehensively map your data for future cross-channel success.

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Eliminate Data Silos

Iterable was architected to centralize your company’s valuable customer data inside a unified and easily accessible location—the user profile. Valuable demographic, interaction, behavior, and preference data gleaned from your entire martech ecosystem are captured and organized inside the profile in real-time. Use these rich data sets to build precise audiences, engaging workflows and dynamic content that wows.

Individualize to Even Your Largest Audiences

Market to individuals, not their segments. Build individualized recommendations and showcase relevant 1:1 content, personalized offers, and user-specific recommendations to build trust and loyalty with your audiences. Reach database-wide individualization by combining your expansive customer and brand data seamlessly inside the Iterable platform.

Enterprise Grade Security

Spend your time focusing on using data, not protecting it. All data within Iterable is encrypted in motion and at rest, and only accessible after proper authentication – and access can be configured by role.

Marketing Without Limits

See why platform flexibility and scalability makes a world of marketing difference. From consolidation to data ingestion, now you can prioritize individualization while serving your audience of millions.

Ecosystem of Plug-and-Play Apps

Integrate with a powerful ecosystem of best-in-class solutions seamlessly to help you maximize engagement and retention across the entire customer journey.

See all this and more. Get a full demo of our platform.

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