Unify Your Customer Data with Iterable and Segment
Unify Your Customer Data with Iterable and Segment


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  • Allows marketers to push cross-channel messages to unique customer segments
  • Filters complex segments into lists, enabling data to be split based on user profile or campaign interaction
  • Automates trigger campaigns based on custom drag-and-drop workflows
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Segment is a customer data platform and a key integration partner for getting data into and out of Iterable and allows for standardized, portable data between over 200+ integrations.

The Segment integration is the easiest way to unlock the power of sending data-activated campaigns. Leveraging an unlimited amount of demographic, event, and behavioral data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Being able to segment users from an unlimited amount of behavioral data is made possible with the power of Iterable’s modern architecture and the power of the Segment integration.

Integrating purchase data and cart abandonment events allows you to track purchase history and other data from E-Commerce integrations such as Shopify.

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Iterable’s Workflow Studio lets us trigger messages based on users’ actual spending behavior and personalize them based on a complex and ever-changing set of rules. We’ve already seen an amazing 350% increase in user engagement since we began using Iterable, and we feel like we’ve only scratched the surface.


“Personalization helps customers see the connection between our products and their goals. It promotes a two-way conversation that enhances the customer experience and allows us to gain more insight into our customers.”


With Iterable, a channel owner who wants to conduct a survey or run a Facebook campaign can create the customer list, build the campaign, and test various elements of the messages to see which combination delivers the best results — all without technical assistance.

The capability to easily execute dynamic channel and message personalization based on the unique treatment plan of each patient is the reason we switched to Iterable.

Fabian Seelbach
Fabian Seelbach
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Explore the Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Iterable

700% ROI

Investing in Iterable yielded a 700% ROI due to increased revenue, improvements in the marketing team’s productivity, avoided costs from previous solutions and a payback period of less than 3 months.

20% Recovery

Due to improved timeliness and personalization of messaging, Iterable increased abandoned shopping cart recovery by 20%.

18% YoY

Due to improved timeliness, personalization of campaigns, and more targeted customer messaging, Iterable increased recurring revenue 18% YoY.

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