Email Strategies of the Top 100 E-Retailers
Email Strategies of the Top 100 E-Retailers

Ever wonder how your email marketing campaigns compare to the leaders in e-commerce?

In our on-demand webinar, “Email Strategies of the Top 100 E-Retailers,” we reveal industry stats and real-life email examples of how companies like Ralph Lauren and J. Crew are engaging their customers.

Based on the results of our User Engagement Top 100 Report, here’s what you’ll learn in the video:

  • Best practices of welcome, cart abandonment and blast campaigns
  • Case studies of who’s winning—and losing—at email
  • Recommendations on how to captivate users and boost ROI

Iterable makes it so easy to accomplish my work.


Iterable powers us to personalize customer engagement at scale through dynamic behaviorally triggered campaigns.


The capability to easily execute dynamic channel and message personalization based on the unique treatment plan of each patient is the reason we switched to Iterable.

Ignite Growth With Iterable

Some of the world’s leading brands captivate customers with Iterable

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