Inside the Growth Mindset
Inside the Growth Mindset

Episode 2: “Re-Architecting Growth”

January 22, 2020

In the second episode of our marketing leadership series, “Inside the Growth Mindset,” Jeff Samuels sits down with Yoni Tamler, Director of Marketing Operations at LinkedIn. Jeff and Yoni’s illuminating conversation is highlighted by pertinent topics like personalization, CCPA, and what it means to prepare for and manage a trove of user data in the age of privacy regulation. 

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Meet the speakers

Jeff Samuels

Chief Operating Officer

Previously served as the go-to-market veteran, Global Vice President at OpenDNS, Cisco’s multi-billion dollar Security business.

Yoni Tamler

Director, Marketing Operations

Yoni leads technology and data compliance across audience targeting, email, ads, webcasts and offline events as part of LinkedIn’s Marketing & Communications organization.

About the series

Jeff Samuels, Iterable’s COO, sits down with some of the world’s most innovative marketing leaders to discuss their crafts and explore what it means to be a growth marketer.

Previous episode

Jeff is joined by Linda Fitzek, who heads up Sales & Marketing Operations for Uber’s U4B division. Jeff and Linda explore the foundations of growth and shine a spotlight on the processes, systems, and data that make growth possible. Linda shares her story, lessons learned, and advice for how we can all be better growth marketing leaders.

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