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About Policygenius

Policygenius is America’s leading online insurance marketplace, helping people get insurance right by making it easy for them to understand their options, compare quotes, and buy a policy, all in one place.

Jessica's Bio

Jessica is a seasoned marketer with nearly ten years of experience working with startups in New York and Boston. As the Associate Director of CRM at Policygenius, she oversees all aspects of lifecycle marketing, including email, text messaging, direct mail and more. Prior to Policygenius, Jessica managed marketing programs in digital strategy and email for Pluralsight, Smarterer and Boundless.

Fun Facts

I participated in a world record-breaking rendition of the hokey pokey.
I played a poached egg in a play.
I once had bangs. Never again.


When and how did you get your start in marketing?

I used to think I would be a reporter, but halfway through journalism school I landed an editorial internship that I loved and later realized that what I was doing there was content marketing—a term and role I had never heard of before! At that point I realized I enjoyed writing on behalf of a brand, and my marketing path eventually led me to email and CRM more broadly.


What do you love about your role?

People probably feel a bit of anxiety when they hear the word insurance, but at Policygenius we’re making it easy for people to not only compare and buy insurance, but also feel good about it. This mindset is directly applicable to the work we do in CRM.

We’re building customer journeys from the moment we meet our customers over email or phone and helping them go through the process of getting insurance—and for some products that could be a six-week-long process!

I love that we’re able to create personalized journeys for customers that offer advice, education and expert tips from our team to make what could be a stressful task easy instead.


What do you like most about using Iterable?

Iterable’s Workflow Studio is intuitive and flexible. It helps us power multi-channel automation at every step of our conversion funnel—including converting users for insurance at the top of the funnel, driving phone calls for agents, and helping clients sign on the dotted line to complete their insurance policies.

We have used Workflow Studio not only for out-of-the-box email and SMS communications, but we have also built custom webhooks to trigger phone calls, generate new profiles, manage calendar invites and more.


Besides Iterable, what are the other tools in your marketing toolkit? How are you leveraging them?

Zapier is the backbone of many of our campaigns and internal functions at Policygenius. We lean on zaps to test and power new campaign ideas or workflow logic within our CRM team. For example, as we tested a referrals program, we used Zapier to connect Iterable and several other tools together to make the process seamless for our customers.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

One of my former managers told me to “be the CEO of your own idea”—meaning no one else will have as much insight, passion or data around your idea, so it’s up to you to make it reality.


If someone gave you $5 million tomorrow, what would you do?

Pack a bag and start traveling immediately. There are too many incredible places to see!

Campaign Portfolio

Powering Cross-Functional Workflow Improvements


To transition from manual to automated messages focused on customers who were waiting to schedule their medical exam and/or sign their applications for life insurance.


Used Iterable's powerful workflow builder and its webhooks to connect multiple systems together (notably: Segment, Five9 and own homegrown CRM) to better communicate next steps and important information to our customers.


The goal was to decrease the amount of time our operations team spent sending these messages. In the months following launch, these automations saved 5,000 hours of manual work and have saved countless more since.

Automating Customer Communications

Policygenius has used Iterable to build robust multi-channel customer journeys for years. So when faced with increasingly complicated operating challenges across its two biggest product lines, our CRM, Product, and Operations teams saw Iterable as the perfect tool to power ambitious cross-functional workflow improvements.


Historically, Policygenius’ life insurance operations team had to manually send thousands of email and SMS messages to customers. By connecting Iterable’s Workflow Studio and its webhooks to legacy Policygenius systems (including Segment, Five9, and Policygenius’ own CRM), we were able to streamline information-sharing and automate this messaging, saving our team thousands of hours of manual work within a few months of launch!


Some of our best campaigns using this new infrastructure were to clients that had medical exams scheduled for their life insurance applications. Now, we automate reminders, guidelines and more for our clients through Iterable to provide our clients with timely, helpful content before their exams.