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About Thirty Madison

Thirty Madison is a family of specialized healthcare brands devoted to creating exceptional outcomes for all. Each of its specialized brands is focused on a specific ongoing condition, and thoughtfully designed to support the unique needs of its community with personalized treatments and care. With empathy at the heart of its innovation, its proprietary care model empowers hundreds of thousands of people with ongoing conditions with the accessible, effective treatments across a lifetime of care.

Lauren's Bio

Lauren is an energetic and innovative marketer with 8+ years of marketing expertise from large multi-billion dollar corporations to start-ups with both in-house and agency experience spanning a multitude of business verticals. As a Senior Manager of CRM & Retention at Thirty Madison, she helps lead the Keeps business through retention, expansion (restoration and new product launches), promotional strategies and cross-channel communication efforts.


She is an avid runner from Miami, FL who logged too many miles to count during her time with her division 1 cross-country and track team with her sights on a new challenge: breaking 100 on the golf-course. Currently residing in New York, Lauren can be found spending her free time with her catahoula leopard puppy, trying new food and attending as many concerts as she possibly can!

Fun Facts

I ran varsity cross-country and track & field for a D1 university.
In 2012 I tried out for The Voice and passed the preliminary rounds.
I own and manage an airbnb property in Jacksonville, FL.


When and how did you get your start in marketing?

My formal start in marketing was as a Digital Sales Specialist for Cox Media Group. I had interned for an event company and start-up during my undergraduate degree where I learned to appreciate the ever-evolving nature of the marketing landscape hands on. From the moment I started at COX I knew I was on the right career path. I loved developing strategies that led to growth for our clients, whether they were local or national businesses. Working with a diverse range of verticals across various media channels like digital, radio, print and TV gave me a broad perspective on marketing strategies and tactics.


How do you stay inspired or motivated in your work?

I’ve always told myself you have to love what you do, if not why do it? My inspiration comes from my passion for what I do and the people I work with as we share the excitement that comes to tackling new challenges as a team and improving processes. Researching brands that have made a large impact quickly, working with colleagues that are as passionate about their work as I am and finding new ways to connect with our patients always helps keep me motivated. Working for a healthcare company also makes it easy to stay motivated and inspired as the work I do on a daily basis contributes to making products more accessible and creates a better experience for our existing patients and patients to come!


What tips, tricks, or pieces of advice would you give a new Iterable user?

Make sure you complete Iterable Academy and really explore the platform. There is so much you can do, I still feel like I learn something new on a weekly basis after 2 years on the platform. There’s always a new way of looking at data or setting up logic within a workflow to optimize how you speak to your customers! Learning some coding will help as well, though Iterable is making it easier to work around knowing how to code with some of their recent releases.


What are some Iterable features that have made your job easier? Or have been game-changers for yourself and your team?

The customer service at Iterable is truly a differentiator. The team at Iterable really values feedback and actually launches or revises features on the platform from feedback brands provide which is rare and helps alleviate issues for us as a brand. Access to AI features like Brand Affinity and simplified drag and drop campaign builds with brand photo libraries have also made it faster for our team to modify email communications across the platform.


As a consumer, what brings you joy from a brand’s outreach/communication?

I always appreciate when brands share their why’s and real challenges they have faced using their people as another voice to build a real brand and cut through the noise. Personalization and understanding of customer needs by promoting the right product at the right time, checking-in on customers or improving processes they have seen have been difficult to manage or have feedback on improving is always something I value. There is nothing like a brand that listens to their audience, that is how true brand loyalty begins.


What do you think will be the next big thing in the marketing industry (AI, automation, new channels?)

AI, machine learning and automation I believe are tools we have just scratched the surface with. The ability to analyze large volumes of data quickly and accurately, coupled with machine learning algorithms, will continue to unlock valuable insights and help marketers make data-driven decisions which will allow us to optimize the content we serve our customers faster and ensure we are delivering content that resonates resulting in increased retention. As this technology continues to advance, we can expect even more sophisticated tools and applications that will further enhance marketing capabilities but we can’t forget the power maintaining a human touch and connection brings.


What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better?

Getting outdoors or going for a run is a great source of creativity and decompression for me and has continued to be a part of my daily routine. Indulging in a chocolate chip cookie can also impact my mood rather quickly. Yes, very opposite ends of the spectrum!


If you weren’t a marketer, what would you be?

A solo artist or part of a girl band 🎤