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About Madison Reed

Madison Reed is not just another hair color brand. Madison Reed is a movement. We are changing how it feels to color your hair at home with innovative products that protect and pamper your hair while empowering you with a better way to color.

Michelle's Bio

My experience in marketing spans over 9 years, getting my start on the strategy side and slowly transitioning into more technical roles over the years (a.k.a. my true passion!). I’m a huge fan of Iterable and love anything to do with coding, Journey building or segmentation. I also enjoy a side gig as the live-in butler to two wonderful dogs, Layla and Mocha.

Fun Facts

The only social account I have is LinkedIn.
I once referred to an email as “a legit snack”. (It was looking gorgeous in dark mode- I couldn’t help it.)
I’ve never liked the taste of soda. When I was four, my mom and uncle played a trick on me where they gave me a glass of Sprite, telling me it was water. The joke was on them when I immediately spat out an entire mouthful onto the floor.


What brings you joy in your role?

I always catch myself having fun when I’m coding an email.


What have been some big highlights in your career?

Launching the SMS program for a previous organization and implementing DMARC were some of my favorite milestones.


What’s a mistake you’ve made at work, and how did you deal with it?

After 8 years into my career, I finally had my very first “Oops” moment where I deployed an email containing an incorrect link. Within two hours, I’d identified the issue, assembled my stakeholders, acknowledged responsibility and deployed a corrected version.


What is one piece of advice that you would give to a new Iterable user?

To a new user: utilize the Iterable support team. To a new org migrating onto Iterable: if you don’t have Iterable support, get it. The UI is incredibly user-friendly and easy to figure out, but the support will help you and your marketers take things to the next level.


How do you bring joy to your customers?

In using dynamic content with emails, push notifications, in-app messages and SMS (achieved via Handlebar logic), I’m able to create single communications that tailor to each user’s preferences and show them what’s most relevant to them specifically. When a customer provides their phone number or email address, they’re providing a direct line of contact with them. I think it’s crucial for companies to honor this by not blasting them with comms that don’t make sense for them or their exact interests.


What are some of your marketing highlights? Or a campaign that you’re especially proud of?

The campaigns I’m most proud of are anything chock full of dynamic logic (handlebars) where there’s logic nested within other logic to account for a variety of potential user preference scenarios. I also recently learned how to embed survey questions (Get Feedback) into an email, which was something I’d never done before.


Besides Iterable, what are the other tools in your marketing toolkit that you can’t live without?

A bit obsessed with deliverability, so 250ok is at the top of that list. Litmus and Email on Acid are also essential.


If one song could play every time you entered a meeting, what would it be?

Supersonic by Oasis


If you weren’t a marketer, what would you be?

A veterinarian.