Iterable for Media & Publishers

Media and publisher businesses rely directly on their ability to engage their audiences and keep them coming back. A platform like Iterable, for sending the right message at the right time, is essential.

Get to Know Your Audience

Too many media companies today still rely on simple blast messages. Sending personalized and triggered messages doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require a base understanding of your users, readers or viewers.

Iterable’s user profiles can store any data or event, serving as the perfect CRM for your engagement efforts.

Drive Engagement

Once you know your readers or viewers, you can send them targeted, personalized messages that will reach them on the right device.

Iterable segmentation and workflows make it easy to automatically select the right content and channel for each individual.

Supercharge Your Newsletters

Daily or weekly newsletters are a great communication channel. But they can be much better!

Iterable lets you adjust frequency, content, delivery time, and more, based on user data and engagement. Stop sending everyone the same blast and start sending people their own personalized newsletter.

Go Multi-Channel

Not all your readers or viewers are the same. Why try to communicate with them through the same channel? Reach them on their preferred device for the best result.

Even better, build out a subscription preference center and have them tell you what, how and when they want to hear from you!

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