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Drive 3%+ increase in conversions with Digioh! Enjoy easy contact collection, quizzes, surveys, landing pages, & preference centers - all designed to capture, converge, & convert more zero-party data!

Lead Capture & Lead Management, Surveys

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About Digioh

Grow your email + SMS message marketing list, capture zero-party data, and drive more sales with high-converting product recommendation quizzes, on-site and email surveys, landing pages, and preference centers. 

Digioh’s flexible offering empowers brands to take full advantage of the power of data - and quickly reap the rewards by having more personalized on-site, email, SMS, and re-targeting experiences than ever before. 

For marketers - Digioh allows you to gather more consumer-consented, zero-party data than ANY platform in market, and leverage this data across ALL marketing channels at both micro and macro scale. Increase your conversions by rolling out product recommendation quizzes, implement surveys pre-purchase for first-time website visitors to learn more about who they are, what or who they're shopping for, then build your initial conversation via email or SMS based upon this information - increasing the likelihood of both a new customer gained, higher LTV, and lower opt-out rates. 

With over 1400 customers, 200+ integrations, and 2 billion bits of zero-party data collected daily - there is no platform stronger than Digioh to help brands drive incremental revenue growth, build customer experience, and harvest + activate zero-party data in forward-thinking, innovative ways. And - with Digioh's full-service design and technical support team - Digioh customers get started faster, driving faster ROI, and incremental success within 30 days! 

We use Digioh's powerful form builder to display targeted offers to our website visitors. By segmenting our visitors by traffic source, we've been able to maximize and personalize the user experience - which ultimately resulted in increased sales. Great tool! Highly recommend!
Leora Platt, Creative Director at

Digioh and Iterable

The Digioh & Iterable integration automates your lead generation process. Capture emails with custom pop-ups, forms, surveys, and quizzes. Then trigger behavioral emails (for example, browse and cart abandonment campaigns, back-in-stock notifications, coupon code reminders, and more).

Pass responses captured by Digioh product recommendation quizzes to Iterable to segment your email lists and personalize your messaging.

Want to reduce unsubscribes from your email lists? Digioh empowers you to build completely custom, Iterable-integrated email preference centers.

Digioh can also integrate with your eCommerce platform, including custom builds.

Use cases

  • Personalized & Targeted Sign-up Forms

    Build beautiful forms with drag-and-drop ease. Personalize your forms with dynamic content based on page content, URL, UTM parameters or even Iterable subscriber data. Capture more data with multi-step forms.

  • Custom Email Preference Centers

    Reduce unsubscribes with custom preference centers. Give subscribers the option to switch to different lists (you can even make personalized recommendations) or pick a desired email frequency. Segment your subscribers by capturing more data with custom fields.

  • Behavioral Targeting

    Display relevant forms and website content with Digioh's behavioral targeting features. Trigger emails when a subscriber is most likely to respond. Digioh can help you send welcome emails, browse/cart abandonment emails, and more.

  • Product Recommendation Quizzes

    Turn site visitors into customers with an interactive quiz that personalizes the shopping experience. Launch a fully-custom quiz that shows one or multiple recommendations. Add branching logic, points-based weighting, one-click Add to Cart, progress bars, and more. Pass all responses to Iterable for segmentation and personalization.