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Securely Generate Documents on Demand

Direct Mail

About Inkit

Inkit is the leading Document Generation Platform (DGP). Inkit empowers organizations to securely generate and distribute documents. Inkit’s Document Generation Platform offers unprecedented visibility and control over documents by keeping malicious users out via event tracking, audit trails, and authorization protocols to monitor document security enterprise-wide. In short, Inkit provides strict confidentiality, document generation, retention, and expiration.

Inkit and Iterable

Inkit and Iterable empower organizations to securely generate and distribute documents - both digitally as well as via direct mail. Automatically create and send electronic documents like invoices, reports, notices, and more via magic link or e-delivery. Or generate and send documents for e-signature, storage, postcards, letters, and more, all powered by the Inkit integration for Iterable.