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About Justuno

Justuno is a conversion optimization company providing on-site and mobile promotion management capabilities for e-commerce, publishing, and SaaS business worldwide. While attracting customers is easy, converting those visitors into leads or sales is a science of its own. The Justuno promotions platform is a complete suite of tools that provides digital marketers with complete control and near-instant ROI.

Justuno and Iterable

With Justuno and Iterable, capture zero and first-party data and create personalized website experiences via pop-ups, banners, in-line displays, intelligent product upsells, cross-sells, and product recommendations. Then pass that data on to Iterable to create even more effective campaigns through advanced personalization and segmentation.


Iterable + Justuno One-Sheeter

Use cases

  • Zero-Party Data for Personalization

    Collect zero-party data points to immediately personalize welcome flows in Iterable based on preferences/interests and build out audience profiles to segment future sends. Map fields like birthday, name, address, social handles, etc.

  • Campaign Specific Targeting

    Seamlessly transition from inbox to onsite using UTM targeting rules to show email & SMS traffic personalized messaging based on the Iterable campaign they clicked through.

  • Advanced Email & SMS List Building

    Grow your Iterable email & SMS lists using Justuno with advanced lead capture options like two-step forms, tap-to-text, gamification, quizzes/surveys, and more.