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Mailgun by Sinch is the leading API-based email delivery service to send, receive, and track email to empower platforms, providing their customers with a powerful and reliable sending infrastructure.

Email Deliverability & Optimization

About Mailgun

Mailgun by Sinch enhances the customer journey by enabling cross- channel communications, allowing Partners to create, run, and manage email campaigns. We support all partner needs through our API structures seamlessly integrating into their platforms as well as ensuring your customers email programs hit the inbox. ​

We are email experts at sending and landing in the inbox. Partners handle the customer journeys, campaign management, marketing automation. Mailgun by Sinch makes sure your customers messages get delivered.​

Mailgun and Iterable

Iterable has a native integration with Mailgun by Sinch for email sending services. Iterable can plug into Mailgun by Mailgun by Sinch and serve as your frontend, orchestration service.