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Poplar, is an API-enabled programmatic platform that empowers brands to create fully dynamic, personalized direct mail campaigns within minutes.

Direct Mail

About Poplar

Poplar is a self service platform that allows brands to easily expand their marketing mix into the direct mail world. With no SaaS fees, contracts, or minimums- Poplar truly allows you to scale your direct mail efforts at your own pace.

With the ability to send both one off and triggered campaigns, you can create highly personalized outreach that is tailored specifically to your target segments. On top of being able to create highly custom mailers through our dynamic creative, you can then track the success of these campaigns in real time through our platform.

Target any stage in your sales funnel with some of our most common use cases:

  • Abandoned cart retargeting
  • Reengage lapsed buyers
  • Retargeting email sign ups
  • VIP and or top customer segment targeting
  • LAL Modeling

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our team for a personalized demo by clicking the learn more button above!

Poplar and Iterable

Easily integrate direct mail into your current workflows with the Iterable<>Poplar integration. By leveraging Poplar’s API enabled webhooks, you can automatically send postcards to anyone who passes through your workflow.