Give Your Retail Marketing the Red Carpet Makeover: A How-To Guide
Give Your Retail Marketing the Red Carpet Makeover: A How-To Guide

The retail industry is in constant motion. New trends, new designs, new buying habits. Marketers have to keep up, even stay ahead, while simplifying and personalizing the customer experience.

Luckily for marketers, most consumers (75%) are itching for a more personalized experience. Consumers know what they want (hint: it’s convenience), but need a little push from marketers to help them find it.

That’s where this guide comes in. We took a look at how 15 top retailers are marketing today using customer behavior to tailor messaging. We wanted to see how companies are collecting, managing and incorporating data into their marketing campaigns, and at which campaigns and touchpoints along the customer lifecycle.

In this guide you’ll find:

  • Common trends used by retailers in welcome, promotion, and cart abandonment campaigns
  • Actionable recommendations for how to collect data for future campaign success
  • Distinct steps you can take to personalize your cross-channel campaigns at a deeper, more individualized level
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