Brits vs. Yanks
Brits vs. Yanks
How U.S. and U.K. Fashion Brands Compare on Email Marketing

Email marketing in the United States and the United Kingdom has much in common, but there’s plenty of difference between the two countries when it comes to content, strategy, performance and inbox placement.

No matter which side of the Atlantic you market from, you should learn how your email programs compare with your in-country inbox competitors and with your marketing peers across the pond.

In this report, Iterable has partnered with London-based Holistic Email Marketing to compare 20 retail fashion brands, ten from the U.S. and ten from the U.K. How do powerhouses like Topshop, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren personalize email messages and keep customers engaged with their online stores?

Download this report to access:

  • How fashion brands are using data, automation and AI to create highly relevant messages
  • Detailed metrics on engagement, deliverability and personalization for industry leaders in retail
  • 8 stand-out email examples to inspire your lifecycle marketing program
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