Unboxing Must-Have Marketing Campaigns: Emergencies & Crises
Unboxing Must-Have Marketing Campaigns: Emergencies & Crises

It’s on every marketer’s mind in 2020: How do you communicate with customers during an emergency or crisis?

We as growth marketers would all love to have the confidence and skills to communicate during an emergency, so customers are happy, satisfied and stay loyal to your brand when everything goes back to normal.

That’s why we’re focusing on emergencies and crises for this edition of Unboxing Must-Have Marketing Campaigns.

Download this guide to learn:

  • How an emergency or a crisis creates opportunities for your brand
  • The power of a Single Overriding Communications Objective (SOCO)
  • How five e-commerce companies are using SOCO (but don’t even know it)
  • What governments and nonprofits can teach brands about cross-channel messaging
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