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Activate Summit North America

5 Reasons to Attend Activate Summit North America

We’ve hosted Activate Virtual on your computer screen in April, Activate Summit Europe in London in May, and now—drumroll please—we’re gearing up to host our final Activate event of 2022: Activate Summit North America at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis in September.

We’re getting the warm fuzzies just thinking about it because Activate Summit North America is our firstborn, our flagship, our pride and joy—you get it. Basically, Activate Summit North America is where we started our Activate journey and it’s incredible to see how far it’s come.

The Perks of Activate Summit North America

This year, we’re stuffing the agenda with three tracks that will deliver thought leadership on strategy, tactical tips for execution, and workshops for professional development. But, before we give away all of the juicy details in the intro, let’s get into the five reasons why you should attend Activate Summit North America.

1. The Location

Location, location, location. The Bay Area is not only a spectacular place to visit year-round, it’s the birthplace of Iterable. Surrounded by burgeoning tech companies and innovative thinkers, San Francisco is the perfect place for Activate Summit North America.

Plus, the Marriott Marquis, the venue for the event, is located in the heart of downtown. Be amongst the hustle and bustle of scenic San Fran as you dive into the latest marketing trends and tips at Activate Summit North America.

2. The Tracks

Like we mentioned, this year we’ll have three session tracks: Gaining Marketing Momentum, Tapping into the Tactical, and Digging into Development. Based on our concept of Dreamers, Builders, and Makers, each track is individualized to appeal to the various curiosities of marketing experts.

  • Gaining Marketing Momentum: This track will resonate if you relate to the Dreamer. Think: big picture. You’ll hear about current and future marketing trends from thought leaders in the space. This track will give you ideas to take back to your marketing teams and use as jumping off points for your own strategies.
  • Tapping into the Tactical: If you are curious how certain marketing strategies are executed, which tools are used, and why they’re important for success, this track is for you. If you’re interested in bringing out your inner Builder, join these sessions to explore the nitty gritty of making marketing moments that have lasting impact and improve the overall customer experience.
  • Digging into Development: Listening and absorbing information may work for some, but if you’re looking to be more in touch with your Maker side, a hands-on experience may be more up your alley. Our professional development track is loaded with interactive activities and networking opportunities to make you the best marketer/professional/expert/YOU you can be.

3. The Speakers

Not only are the tracks planned thematically, but each track is filled to the hilt with expert speakers (over 20 in total!) from a variety of businesses and industries. With marketing veterans from an array of brands sharing their personal experiences, you’ll walk away with actionable next steps. To name a few, our extensive list of speakers includes:

  • Adri Gil Miner, Iterable’s CMO, will deliver a keynote highlighting how you can bring joy to your team and your customer base, simultaneously
  • Bela Stepanova, Iterable’s Senior VP of Product Management, will present the vision for where customer activation is headed and how Iterable’s new product capabilities and enhancements enable that vision
  • Rachel Kamel, Director of Growth at NCSoft, will talk about how NCSoft leveled up player experiences with personalized customer journeys
  • Alex Orton, Tally’s Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager, will review how to create an A/B testing framework to clarify, guide, and power up your experiments.
  • Neil Wainwright, UpHabit’s Founder & CEO, will uncover how to build flexible, effective notification preferences that resonate with your audiences.

4. The Camaraderie

Another reason to attend Activate Summit North America is the fact that it’s in-person. You can connect with your marketing counterparts IRL. Sitting on Zoom calls all day can be draining, so being able to sit in the room—with the speakers and like-minded marketing professionals—not only keeps you engaged and in-the-moment, it gives you the opportunity to network and connect with peers who may be facing similar challenges and hurdles in their marketing strategies. We’ve set up a variety of workshops and networking opportunities to give you the time and space to mingle, chat with new and old friends, and learn from one another in a fun, relaxed setting!

5. The Takeaways

The takeaways from Activate Summit North America will be highly valuable. Each session is designed to provide actionable insights that you can bring back to your teams and share to accelerate marketing efforts. Plus, you’ll be able to ask the speakers questions at the end of each session to ensure that what you’re learning aligns with your business needs. Our favorite part of Activate is hearing from attendees how excited they are to take what they learned from a session and adapt it to their strategies. We can’t wait to hear your favorite takeaway from this year’s selection of sessions!


Not Registered Yet? There’s Still Time!

If all of this sounds like it’s up your alley, be sure to register for Activate Summit North America. We’ll have oodles of content, fantastic speakers, in-depth workshops, and even a happy hour where you can cool off with a drink and take part in lively conversations. This is the last event in our Activate series for 2022, so be sure you don’t miss it! See you there.

Join us for our last Activate event of the year! Register for Activate Summit North America.

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