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5 Steps to Building an Amazing Company Culture

When it comes to company culture, our answer is simple: prioritize people. From day one, our founders, Andrew Boni and Justin Zhu, recognized that Iterable’s core purpose revolved around people—to enrich the relationships between consumers and brands, to empower the marketers who create experiences, and to unite a team capable of bringing such a vision to life.

While company culture is unique to every organization, we’ve identified five steps you can take to build a thriving workplace that aligns with your values

Explore our new Company and Culture pages to see the formula in action, and read our guide below to learn how to adapt it for your own business.

Step 1: Commit to culture from the start of the recruiting process

All too often, the pressures of filling open positions and keeping up with the growth curve can tempt businesses to cut corners in terms of company culture. This lack of engagement is a major issue—it makes candidates feel they are not seen, heard or respected.

Here at Iterable, we focus on making our recruitment process engaging, transparent and enjoyable for everyone involved. We respect and value the time and effort that our candidates put into their career search, which is why our recruiting team thoughtfully reviews every application we receive.

If we think a candidate might be a good fit for a role, and a good fit for our authentic and dynamic culture—we’ll reach out! It’s as simple as that. We pride ourselves on providing a best-in-class candidate experience through every step of the process, and pledge responsiveness and empathy.

Learn more about Iterable’s recruiting process, and hear feedback directly from our employees, on our new Culture page.

Iterable company culture testimonial on recruiting by Ryan Brelje

Click on Ryan’s quote to read more employee testimonials of our hiring process.

Step 2: Cultivate a culture without borders

We believe contributions aren’t bound by location. Employees from all over the world have helped foster an inclusive remote work culture. Together, we’ve been building the operations, processes and supporting structures that ensure our remote teams are empowered to thrive in the same collaborative and visible team environments as our physical office locations.

Contributing to our “culture without borders” is our global presence. No matter where our employees are based, we stay connected—online, and through our company-wide values and initiatives.

Learn more about remote work at Iterable from both longtime virtual veterans and online adapters in the era of COVID-19.

Map of Iterable's four office locations

Iterable has offices in San Francisco, Denver, New York City, and London, but also supports a global remote workforce.

Step 3: Build an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity

True diversity isn’t about checking the box. It’s about recruiting a workforce of individuals with diverse world views, ethnicities, religions, backgrounds, abilities, ages, personality characteristics, perspectives, opinions, family composition, education and tenure.

Even still, enabling diversity means little without inclusion. By nurturing a sense of equity and belonging, you can encourage the team to bring their full and genuine selves to work every day.

One of the ways we enable inclusion is through our Affinity Groups, which are employee-created and managed groups of people sharing a common purpose, community or interest. These groups create space for employees to develop relationships, share experiences, voice concerns, solve problems and plan events and activities promoting their community and professional growth.

Rather than shying away from the sensitive conversations for fear it will divide the workplace, we embrace these discussions and celebrate our differences. We try our best to provide platforms for everyone to feel supported and invest in the education of our workforce.

Company Culture: Affinity Groups at Iterable

Iterable’s Affinity Groups provide safe spaces for marginalized communities, as well as common passions, like Zenit’s focus on meditation.

Step 4: Support employee learning and development

There’s a well-known adage from the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, who had said that instead of encouraging a culture of know-it-alls, he wanted an organization of learn-it-alls. Iterable’s company value of Growth Mindset embodies this very concept.

Having a Growth Mindset means not settling for the status quo and proactively looking for areas to improve our work. As challenges, obstructions, and plateaus inevitably arise, we foster the strength and resilience to overcome them. This resilience is supported by leadership and driven by a strong quest for knowledge by our workforce.

In addition to flexible PTO and physical and mental health benefits, Iterable also provides a quarterly stipend for learning and development, which our team has used for everything from classes and conferences to museum passes and subscriptions to newspapers and audiobooks. We’ve also recently launched Udemy for Business to give our team access to over 4,500 e-learning courses and keep our skills sharp!

Iterable's benefits and perks

Here’s a list of Iterable’s core benefits and perks available to all employees.

Step 5: Honor and appreciate life outside of work

With Balance being one of our four core values, it’s important for us to take time away from work to relax, unwind and bond as a team. Rest allows both our bodies and minds to recuperate, ensuring we operate at full capacity. From our league champion soccer team to spontaneous craft nights, we are always trying to find ways for our teams to re-energize.

Even when we can’t physically meet in groups, we have prioritized ways to promote and reward balance as we all work from home during the pandemic. Throughout the month of July, for instance, our employees were challenged to take moments of balance each day and share photos in our #Balance Slack channel to raise money for charity.

At the end of the challenge, we received more than 1,300 photo submissions and exceeded our donation goals! An engaged and supported workforce is a healthy one, and the healthier you are, the happier and more productive and accomplished you will feel.

Building company culture through Balance: A photo of father playing with child

Here’s to the next generation of growth marketers!

Want to Contribute to Iterable’s Company Culture?

Authenticity, connection and joy—the key components of a memorable experience, and the pillars upon which we’ve built our company culture here at Iterable. Of course, we not only want to build the strongest community, but also the best growth marketing platform—and that’s where you come in.

We’re actively looking for candidates who not only embrace our core values and contribute to our inclusive culture, but also have unique talents and a strong sense of resilience and grit.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career here at Iterable, explore our career opportunities. We look forward to meeting you!

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