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Itearble's four company values

What We Stand For: Iterable’s 4 Company Values

As one of this year’s Best Places to Work, Iterable is dedicated to promoting a positive work atmosphere that allows the team to flourish. Putting company values in place allows everyone, regardless of role or seniority, to feel supported and included in business decisions.

Earlier this year, and after much discussion, we implemented our four company values: Humility, Trust, Growth Mindset, and Balance.

Why these four? Here’s how we’ve defined each value and its importance to our organization.

1. Humility

It’s essential that everyone at Iterable, at all levels of the company, is open to receiving feedback. We see value in one another’s point of view and try to consider things from their perspective.

We also own up to mistakes when they happen and seek to improve outside our areas of expertise. This ensures team accountability and strengthens relationships, because we all understand that we have much to learn from each other.

2. Trust

Trust is both internal and external: within the company, we are focused on acting with integrity and working well cross-functionally with other team members. We get work done according to schedule and inform stakeholders of any roadblocks or delays.

When doing business, we serve as reliable sources of expertise for our clients and partners. We prioritize real-time response so that those who rely on us can trust that their problems are solved and goals are met.

Specifically on the subject of security, Iterable takes a proactive approach to increasing customer transparency, with our SOC 2 Type 1 certification and new Trust Assurance site, which includes an overview of our Security and Compliance program.

Iterable’s Security program demonstrates our commitment to our customers and users by its compliance with all laws, regulations, and ethical standards, as they apply to the conduct of its business and its role as a growth marketing platform.

3. Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset means not settling for the status quo and proactively looking for areas to improve yourself and your work. As challenges and plateaus inevitably arise, we foster the perseverance to overcome them.

This company value is highly aligned with our growth marketing platform, which is designed to enable marketers to expand and engage their audiences. Growth marketing and a growth mindset go hand-in-hand when building a world-class brand.

4. Balance

We want to ensure a positive working environment and motivate others, especially when things are stressful. We encourage teammates to take time off and work from home as needed so they feel healthy, happy and in a state of flow as they perform their roles at Iterable.

We encourage employees to live a balanced life by offering a monthly Health and Wellness stipend, volunteer time off through our Char-iterable program,  and perks like premium access to Calm, a leading meditation app. Flexible work hours are available to everyone, and expectant mothers and fathers also benefit from a generous parental leave policy.

Our Company Values in Action

Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out several new projects both large and small to help exemplify these four company values. For our monthly all-hands meetings, we have started Values Nominations, to celebrate employees who have demonstrated how they’ve lived the values over the previous four weeks.

On the hiring and recruiting side, we’re establishing values-based interview questions to be used in all future interviews across all teams, and candidate scorecards in our applicant tracking system will be updated to include values-based scoring options.

Examples of new interview questions include:

  • What are areas of growth for you and what steps are you taking to improve?
  • Has there been a time your integrity was challenged and what did you do?
  • Tell me about your biggest professional failure. What happened? What did you do to ensure it wouldn’t happen again?
  • How do you know when you are close to burning out? What steps do you take to prevent or alleviate burnout?

On the HR side, our monthly performance check-ins will now be values-based, and we’ll also be creating a foundation for evaluating internal career development and promotions based on the four values.

We also love to use Slack here at Iterable, and we’ll be updating our “kudos” channel to be the “values” channel so employees can highlight their coworkers for how they’ve been living the four values. We’ll even be creating some new emojis based off the values to be used across Slack!

Iterable already has a dynamic culture and implementing these new values will go a long way into ensuring we maintain that culture as we continue to grow.

If you live by these four values and believe you’d make a great addition to the Iterable team, then check out our careers page. We have over 30 open positions, so come join us!

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