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Focusing on the Future, Together

I’m humbled and honored to be stepping into the role as CEO of Iterable. As the company’s co-founder and President, I have been and remain intently committed to and focused on Iterable’s mission, values, culture, team, customers and partners. 

As many of you know, I’m a glass half-full person. I vividly remember the early days of Iterable—over eight years ago—when we were just a small team crammed into a small office in downtown San Francisco. We were working together towards a common goal: to give every marketer, regardless of technical skill or business size, the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their customers. We wanted to build a platform enabling anyone with the will to reach customers, a way to actually reach them. Driven by this purpose, and powered by teamwork, our dream became a reality: Iterable.

I was optimistic about our potential eight years ago. Since then, we’ve made significant traction in a crowded marketplace and my optimism, confidence and enthusiasm about Iterable’s future have only intensified.

As we embark on this next chapter of our journey, I wanted to share a few thoughts about my vision for Iterable.

Staying True to Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich the relationships between consumers and brands, to empower the marketers who create rich digital experiences and to unite a team of people capable of bringing such a vision to life. This mission remains and will not change.

Our team of 430+ people empowers 15,000+ marketing practitioners and leaders from all over the world to connect with their customers in a deep, authentic and meaningful way. With the help of Iterable, our customers are able to bring billions of people the products that bring them joy. This is an amazing accomplishment and a testament to the incredible work we do.

Leading the Future of Customer Experiences

With a strong background (and passion) for product and engineering, I’m excited about our commitment to our product roadmap as we continue building the innovative features you’ve asked for. Having an industry leading, streamlined and easy-to-use product has always been the backbone of our company, and will guide us as we continue to grow. 

Given the rise of machine learning and automation, we have an opportunity now to leverage data like never before. Our products will not only support our customers in their quest for efficiency and help them connect with consumers in new ways, but our strong focus on privacy will also help establish a culture of trust in consumer communities. 

We will continue making strides to help marketers focus less on the nuts and bolts of their cross-channel marketing campaigns and more on the strategic end goals and incredible customer experiences.

Embodying Our Values

Our core values remain our North Star as we start this next chapter of our journey together. Trust, Humility, Balance and a Growth Mindset will continue to guide us as we scale, ensuring we never lose sight of the DNA that got us here in the first place.

I’m personally committed to embodying Humility, my favorite of the four. It’s integral that, as we grow, our leaders and employees keep humble and not lose sight of our mission. It’s what keeps us focused, honest, collaborative, empathetic and, ultimately, successful. 

Diversity is a key driver of innovation, and a critical component of success at a global scale, in every industry. We remain committed to building a supportive culture that empowers our employees and attracts diverse talent (we ranked third on the midsize companies list of 2021 Bay Area Best Places to Work, marking our fourth consecutive year on the list), and are working to set an expectation, and standard, for others in our industry. We’re working hard to ensure that Iterable continues to prioritize our people and culture as we expand rapidly, aiming to end 2021 with nearly 600 employees around the globe.

Two company objectives this year include living our values as we scale and becoming responsible global citizens. Our employees lead the Iterable Affinity Groups, which inform and support celebrations throughout the year that honor the diversity of our world and workforce, and contribute to a nature of inclusivity. This AAPI Heritage Month, our Asian and Pacific Islander Affinity group is hosting events to highlight the accomplishments, rich history and identity of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at Iterable and beyond.

Our growth mindset allows us to support the changing needs of our employees, so we’re thoughtfully considering how to safely come back to our offices, continue engaging with our remote employees and support all working parents.

The Road Ahead

We just wrapped up another incredibly strong quarter, a testament to the hard work put in across the entire organization. Iterable’s vision, culture and product are resonating with so many and there is enormous opportunity ahead of us. 

I’m energized and motivated. Let’s embrace our values as we support one another in writing Iterable’s next chapter. Let’s be hungry to learn and grow together.

Andrew Boni
Co-Founder & CEO of Iterable

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