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Apparel Marketing Showdown: Who's Haute, Who's Not

What makes an ideal apparel marketing campaign? It’s one that elicits the same emotional response you get when you find that perfect piece of clothing.

And while that sounds great (and highly aspirational) in theory, how do you put that concept into practice? In this case, rich personalization is a marketer’s best friend when recreating this experience. Here’s why:

  • Highlights the “discovery” experience when exploring something eye-catching
  • Motivates you to inspect the inventory and get a closer look
  • Delivers the satisfaction of knowing that just-for-you item can be yours

Channeling the essence of these feelings as part of your marketing campaigns is the perfect way to translate real-life emotions into successful online experiences. Effective campaigns build atop previous interactions and curate the next individualized moments of immediate resonance—past behaviors and engagement help guide the next step. 

Once mastered, this input can guide campaign elements like content, channel, cadence, and more. The result is a seamless, cohesive apparel marketing experience that’s unique to each customer and their level of engagement. It’s not easy, but within a highly competitive market, getting it right is incredibly lucrative. 

User Engagement Teardown: Nordstrom vs. Fashion Nova

Inside our latest teardown, we’ve compared two major players in the apparel market: luxury department store Nordstrom, and booming online fashion brand Fashion Nova. We wanted to see which retailer was able to tap into their customers’ tastes and keep them primed for shopping.

To see how these companies help consumers channel their inner stylist, we subscribed to each retailer’s communications for two weeks during Black Friday and Cyber Monday—a peak season for outfit inspiration.

During our research, we registered for an account on each site and increased our level of activity. We completed our profiles, downloaded their mobile apps, browsed promotional deals and abandoned our shopping carts.

After analyzing the content of all messages received, we identified what these businesses are doing well and what areas could use improvement.

(Note: if you can’t see the embedded SlideShare, make sure to turn off any ad blockers!)

You can also see our past comparative teardowns (including Uber vs. Lyft and Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh) on our User Engagement Teardowns page.

Note: Nordstrom and Fashion Nova are not Iterable customers.

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