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Applications for Iterable’s Expie Awards are Open!

Few phrases are more widely and well-known than the classic (and somewhat clichéd): “With great power, comes great responsibility.” While the quote is most commonly attributed to a Marvel superhero (Spider Man’s Uncle wanted him to use his spider-powers wisely), we think it’s relevant even beyond the Marvel-verse. In fact, we think it’s totally to applicable marketers.

Why? Because marketers have influence. Now, more than ever before.

The average internet user now spends almost seven hours per day online across all devices, equating to more than 48 hours per week online—that’s a full two days out of a seven-day week. Much of their time is spent on mobile phones, texting, scrolling through Instagram, online shopping, and TikToking, absorbing and processing what they see.

Whether you like it or not, consumers are a captive audience. They are heavily influenced by what they see online. As marketers, you are very much in charge of what they see, what they think, what they buy, and what they do.

Marketers have the power to make lasting impressions. And with this power comes great responsibility.

The Consumer Conscience

With consumer shopping (and scrolling) habits impacted by the pandemic, it’s no surprise that their sentiment towards shopping also evolved; consumers who initially only cared about price and product have now added empathy, safety, and ethics to their priorities. They want to shop with brands that share their values and that take a stand on the issues that matter most. They want brands to use their platforms to do good, you know, like a hero would.

Now 18 months after the start of the pandemic, not only do marketers have more exposure than ever before, but they also have a green light from customers to take advantage of additional airtime to make a difference in the world. Customers want marketers to use their influence for the greater good.

Marketing People-First

Here at Iterable, we’re very much on board with this new, values-focused approach of today’s consumer. From day one, our core purpose has revolved around people—to enrich the relationships between consumers and brands, to empower the marketers who create experiences, and to unite a team of people capable of bringing such a vision to life.

We believe that successful marketing is really all about people. It starts with having teams that are aligned around key business goals, understanding their target customers through data, and delivering the right message at the right time to the right person. 

It’s about collaborating cross-functionally, thinking strategically, focusing on data and personalization, and having the right tools to deliver on this vision. Without the right people, message, tools, and alignment, marketing campaigns will remain just one more siloed initiative.

Marketers work hard to ensure their campaigns matter to customers. They do most of this work behind the scenes and we want to celebrate the teams behind creative campaigns that are building world-class customer experiences.

Introducing: The Iterable Expie Awards

EXPIE Categories

The Expies, where we showcase the best of the best in customer experience.

The Expie Awards

The Iterable Expie Awards recognize and celebrate customers that are leveraging Iterable to power world-class customer experiences. From extraordinary customer engagement to authentic, empathetic connections, Expie Award nominees and winners raise the bar for marketers all over the world. They’re the best of the best,  the superheroes of consumer experience.

The Expie Awards are the next generation of our Growth Marketing Awards—updated to reflect the changing role of today’s marketer (same superhero, different cape). They give us a chance to highlight all the amazing work marketers are doing. 

The Expies have six total award categories:

1. Marketing Dream Team of the Year (Enterprise and SMB)

This award celebrates the teams that are differentiating themselves through collaboration and creativity, building human connections with their customers, and cutting through the noise of thousands of other brands sending marketing messages. 

2. Most Valuable Marketer (aka the MVM award)

The MVM award recipient works cross-functionally, collaborating with business units across their company to meet their goals. They are THE go-to Iterable expert known for executing exceptional marketing campaigns that build customer loyalty and make a big impact on their brand.

3. Most Inspiring Switch to Iterable

This award celebrates the team that embraced adaptation, revision and change by making the switch to Iterable. This team hit the ground running, and has a success story  that will inspire and excite others looking to do the same. 

4. Marketing Moment of the Year

The Marketing Moment of the Year award recognizes a stand-out campaign executed by an Iterable customer.

5. Best Use of Data

The Best Use of Data award celebrates an Iterable customer that has tapped into high quality customer  data and delivered relevant and personalized customer experiences

6. Most Cohesive Customer Experience

This award celebrates Iterable customers who are taking the care to refine their cross-channel craft, building brand loyalty by creating seamless customer experiences.

Applying to the Iterable Expie Awards

If you have an inspiring Iterable story to tell, we want to hear it. Only open to Iterable customers, the Expies are an opportunity for our community to document the tangible impact they have had on the global community.  From the team of all-stars delivering cohesive cross-channel experiences, to the moments you created that changed the game for your team and customers. We want to celebrate you and all of your hard work and accomplishments.

While this is the first year for the Iterable Expie Awards, you can check out the winners of the 2020, 2019, and 2018 Growth Marketing Awards for inspiration. Winning brands include DoorDash,, Fender and more!

Apply for an Iterable Expie Award today! The deadline to submit is September 17th at 11:59PM PT.

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