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Brand Affinity™ Named a Product of the Year by The Sammys

We’re thrilled to share that Iterable’s Brand Affinity™ was named a Product of the Year in the 2021 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards program, also known as The Sammys. Brand Affinity was recognized in the category “Innovation Technology for User Experience Optimization,” which recognizes programs that allow marketers to take action on their analytics to make their marketing campaigns more efficient and create actionable results. 

With sales and marketing technologies now making up more than 20% of an organization’s marketing budget, the Sammys honor the technologies, services, organizations, and products helping solve the challenges organizations have connecting and collaborating with prospects and customers. Iterable’s Brand Affinity does just that. 

The Evolution of Customer Expectations

As we soar past the year-mark of the pandemic, we can now pause and reflect on the ups and downs of business over the last year. There have been some clear “pandemic winners”—think Amazon, Zoom, Netflix—but many more struggled. 

We’ve learned in this time how consumer attitudes and expectations have changed. Social and cultural values matter more. Consumers are seeking emotional connections with brands—ones that have an enduring impact. And we’ve learned how important it is to be comfortable with change, willing and able to shift gears when necessary.

Brands that are able to convey genuine human connections and empathy across their digital messaging will be the ones who retain customers, gain new ones and turn them all into brand advocates. 

Brand Affinity™: Innovation and Iterable AI 

To help drive marketing success in this post-pandemic marketing future, where customers want to shop with brands that invest in relationship-building, we focused on developing a solution that would help brands understand how customers feel about their business, in real-time, across channels, to inform smarter strategies at the individual level.

How segmentation works with Brand Affinity

Marketers can leverage affinity labels natively in Iterable to easily create affinity-based segments and highly-targeted cross-channel campaigns.

Brand Affinity, launched in December 2020, brings the power of sentiment to marketing campaigns, making emotional connection exponentially easier. Using advanced AI, Iterable’s Brand Affinity uses behavioral data to automatically calculates a score—such as positive, neutral, or negative—based on a customer’s recent interactions with a brand. With this understanding of a customer’s sentiment, brands can more intelligently communicate with their audience at a personal level to create meaningful, relevant campaigns tailored to each user’s experience with the brand. 

Using Brand Affinity, marketers can maximize retention with loyal customers, nurture customers through lifecycle stages, and mitigate churn  whenever possible.

When it comes to product innovation, Iterable’s answer is simple: prioritize people. To reach the heightened expectations of customers, marketers must enrich the relationships between consumers and their brands and empower positive experiences.

If you would like to learn more about Brand Affinity or any of Iterable’s AI products visit iterable.com/ai for more information or schedule a demo.

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