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Watch and Listen: Daasity Dispels DTC Analytics Myths

At Iterable, we like celebrating the Dreamers, Builders and Makers. These are the people behind today’s customer experiences. The ones coming up with big ideas, solving problems and thinking creatively and strategically to make sure every customer has an experience worth remembering. 

As part of our effort to highlight these professionals, we kicked off a new interview series, “Dream It, Build It, Make It.” In this series, I dive deep with guests from a variety of industries to learn more about how they are working to create long-lasting connections with their audiences. We’re all in this together, so what better way to collaborate than sharing ideas?

For today’s episode we dove deep into analytics and how DTC brands can utilize their data better with Jeremy Horowitz, Director of Marketing at Daasity, a DTC ecommerce analytics platform. Jeremy and I chatted through which analytics myths need to be dispelled (like letting your data guide you without question), when to use an analytics platform versus a CDP, and which parts of pandemic DTC ecommerce trends will stick around.  

Meet Jeremy From Daasity

Analytics are wildly useful in gleaning insights into what’s working, what’s not, and where your focus should lie. But, there is a spectrum of trust for analytics. On one end, we have creatives that go with gut-feel, and on the other we have data junkies who let the numbers drive everything. In our chat, Jeremy talks about this spectrum and how falling in the middle actually yields the best results. 

You undoubtedly have the data. You have seen the analytics and understand what it means. But using some of Jeremy’s actionable advice, you can truly make the most of your analytics.

Give it a watch or listen right here. 

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