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Dreamers, Builders and Makers

The customer experience is inherently a human experience. One made by humans for humans. Here, we celebrate those behind lasting, memorable customer experiences. It takes a team of expert Dreamers, Builders and Makers with diverse skillsets and perspectives to create such a customer experience. In the content below you’ll find out which archetype fits you best, discover insights to help all archetypes grow, and hear from a community of Dreamers, Builders and Makers sharing their success stories for better customer experiences. 


Dreamers think big and love a good brainstorming session. They are visionaries with an eye on the future always looking for growth opportunities for their teams and the business at large.


Builders develop the foundation upon which everything is possible. They solve problems at their onset to help mitigate future problems and empower those around them to succeed.


Makers are creators and storytellers to their core. They collect insights and information from multiple sources and foster lasting relationships with their audiences.

Which Type of Marketer are You?

By taking this quiz, you’ll get a better sense of how your skillset contributes to a greater customer experience. We don’t all fit neatly into one archetype, but this quiz helps you understand where your strengths lie and how your team collaborates best! Be sure to share the quiz with your team and on social to see how your archetypes fit together! 

The 6 Principles of Customer Experience

The customer experience is a flexible, amorphous concept that changes from business to business—even from campaign to campaign! But at the heart of every customer experience, you can find some of the same core elements. In this whitepaper you’ll find the 6 key principles to making your customer experience memorable

Activate Live Top Takeaways

Every team of Dreamers, Builders and Makers is different. Our speakers at Activate Live showed that as they shared their stories and learnings with attendees. Here’s a quick list of some of the key takeaways. Once you’re done, be sure to register and check out our on-demand recordings to get the full conference experience. 

Foundations: Dreamers, Builders and Makers