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Dreamer, Builder, Maker: What Type of Marketer Are You?

You are currently reading a post written by an ISFP, according to Myers-Briggs. I am a Type 6 Loyalist by Enneagram’s standards. I am a Taurus. And when taking our latest quiz to find out if you’re a Dreamer, Builder, or Maker, I am a Maker.

Am I defined by these distinctions? No, but it’s fun and can be helpful when collaborating with new—or even old—team members.

After all, what is marketing, if not a whole team effort? You may wear multiple hats, but ultimately some collaboration is needed to make the best customer experience for the recipients of your marketing strategies.

Are You a Dreamer, Builder, or Maker?

If you’re familiar with Iterable, or Activate Live, you’ve no doubt seen our discussions on the customer experience. It’s one of the biggest drivers of competitive advantage between brands today.

It’s vital, unavoidable and human. And it’s executed by people behind the scenes—teams of Dreamers, Builders and Makers creating memorable customer experiences.

The team aspect is exactly why we created this quiz. While yes, it is fun to know which archetype fits you best, it’s also helpful to know the archetypes of your colleagues and see how you all can work together to successfully connect with your audience.

  • Dreamers think big and love a good brainstorming session. These are the visionaries with an eye on the future, always looking for growth opportunities for their teams and the business at large.
  • Builders develop the foundation upon which everything is possible. They are problem solvers who mitigate future issues and empower those around them to succeed.
  • Makers are creators and storytellers at their core. They collect insights from multiple sources and foster connections with audiences.

A Community for a Better Customer Experience 

Each of these archetypes plays a crucial role in the customer experience. From thinking strategically to focusing on data and personalization, a team full of Dreamers, Builders and Makers sets a brand up for a customer experience that bridges the gap between brand and consumer, forging a deeper connection with the user.

To foster that human connection, Activate Live this year is focused on anyone involved in the customer experience. Consumer expectations are sky-high, acting as a unified challenge for brands to step up their game and individualize the experience at scale.

But a few things often get ignored in this challenge. Firstly, there is no separation between consumers and marketers. Marketers in their own rights are consumers, so the customer experience should reflect this fact in its ability to connect people.

Secondly, you’re not alone. Brands all over the world are facing similar challenges—no matter the industry or size. Activate Live is about creating a community for the Dreamers, Builders and Makers to come together, share ideas and take action together to improve the collective customer experience.

We encourage you to take the quiz and discover your archetype, and then register for Activate Live—it’s free. The content of the conference is tailored to Dreamers, Builders and Makers, which will help you find like-minded professionals from companies around the globe.

Together you can exchange insights, creative ideas and storytelling tactics to bring back to your teams. 

Who knows, you might even learn a little about yourself in the process! 

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