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1000 Customers

Delivering Joy With Over 1000 Customers

To the Iterable Community,

Today, I’m proud to share that we have surpassed an important milestone: over 1,000 customers using Iterable around the world! I am incredibly grateful to the Iterable community—our team, our partners, and of course, our customers—without whom this achievement would not have been possible. In the over nine years since we founded Iterable, I’ve never been more excited or optimistic about the future and the next chapter of our journey together.

As we celebrate this memorable milestone and look toward the future, I want to look back at the work that got us here. While 1,000 is an impressive amount and worth celebrating, it’s just one of the many milestone metrics that make up our history. Consider the many thousands of hours spent developing Iterable’s code in our humble, original office in San Francisco, our first paying customer, our first UK customer, the tens of billions of messages sent through Iterable every month…the list goes on.

What I’m trying to say is that numbers are important, but they are not what matters most— people do. And our 1,000+ customer announcement is a testament to the hard work of the people—the thousands of marketers who use Iterable around the world to message billions of people around the world. Below are a few of my favorite customer stories, shared with us in anticipation of this celebration.

Carvana Disrupts the Auto Industry

I’ve always been a fan of disrupters—the mavericks that dare to do things differently. I felt like a disruptor myself when I left Google to start Iterable. Suffice it to say that one of my favorite stories is from Carvana, a company that wanted to change the way people buy cars by providing our customers with a car-buying solution that is fun, fast, fair, and powered by technology. Carvana capitalized on strong demand for an Amazon-like car shopping experience, helping customers avoid the inconveniences of visiting vehicle lots and haggling.

Over the last decade, Carvana’s business has been booming. With their foot pressed firmly on the accelerator, they needed a marketing platform that could meet their pace and their customer demands. They partnered with Iterable in 2020.

“Iterable has helped us scale and expand communications, from 11 million emails sent per month to 50+ million and beyond, with faster processing and key features that other systems simply don’t have,” shared Megan Mets, Product Manager at Carvana. “With Iterable’s A/B testing framework, we are launching twice as many tests in half the time, helping us to continue improving on our customer messaging.”

Zoopla Brings Personalization to Real Estate

I, like many of you, can easily get lost scrolling through home-buying apps. Am I in the market to buy a home? No, not really. But do I find flipping through listings across the world with my wife at the end of the day satisfying? Absolutely. And I’m not the only one.

Zoopla, one of the UK’s leading property marketplaces, witnessed unprecedented growth and adoption during the pandemic. With over 55 million visits across their mobile apps and websites and coverage of over 70% of UK real estate listings, Zoopla harnesses data to drive engagement, loyalty, and connection for Zoopla customers to relevant cohorts.

Before Iterable, Zoopla was constrained to manual data queries, batch data imports, and fragmented views of customer engagement. They knew that data-driven strategies based on geo-intent and customer segmentation and targeting would be critical to sustaining their momentum. So they set out to modernize their tech stack.

With Iterable, the Zoopla team can deploy the strategies necessary to increase engagement and cater to consumer preferences that are integral to Zoopla’s long-term success.

“Iterable’s partnership and platform have been invaluable to our brands’ success, and made a marked difference in our overall teams’ happiness,” shares Adam Knight, Director of Special Projects at Zoopla, “With Iterable, we’re able to accelerate the rate and returns of our campaign testing and rollout, allowing us to execute memorable experiences of our customers.”

Coinbase: Customer Support in Cryptocurrency

Crypto might be everywhere in tech, but it’s not always accessible. Companies that make crypto safe and easy are few and far in between. So when Coinbase, the financial services app whose mission is to increase economic freedom, first came to Iterable, I was ecstatic. Coinbase was not only aligned with our vision but, more importantly, our values.

Consumer demands in the financial services sector are some of the highest when it comes to privacy, security, personalization, and execution. When Coinbase was looking for a marketing platform that would meet their standard of excellence in performance, and deliver on consumer expectations, they found a partner with Iterable.

“One of the many things that makes Iterable stand out is their fantastic customer support. Their team goes above and beyond in their work to ensure that their customers are set up for success,” shares Kelly Karunakaran, Group CRM & Lifecycle Manager at Coinbase, “I was especially surprised by the level of support we received from on-call and chat agents, who are knowledgeable, kind, thorough. Working with Iterable has been a wonderful and impactful partnership!”

Better Outreach with Booksy

I always get so excited when I get to use the products, services, or platforms of Iterable customers. And, as someone who struggled to fit self-care into his calendar with any regularity, I was excited to try Booksy—a cloud-based appointment booking solution for beauty, and an Iterable customer—out for size. Booksy offers appointment scheduling, calendar management, and online payments for consumers, and management system support for businesses. Not only do they have a corner on the market when it comes to scheduling and streamlining, but, after using their appointment management system for the last six months, they have a permanent place in my heart.

As a mixed business model (B2C and B2B), Booksy’s marketing strategy is quite complex—their marketing communications need to be individualized based on recipient location, plan type, app version, market type, language, and time zone. They wanted to deliver personalized content in real-time to customers and businesses, and increase engagement while reducing risk and mitigating manual workload.

Iterable was able to help Booksy uplevel their messaging and increase engagement.

“By creating personalized content delivered in real-time via Iterable we were able to improve consumer engagement on Booksy platform,” shared Dorota Machaj, VP Global Commercial Growth at Booksy, “When comparing the results of personalized to non-personalized content on a similar topic, sent to the same audience, we saw over 50% improvement in conversion in favor for content that was tailored.”

Honeybook’s Switch to Support Small Business

Cumbersome paperwork and administrative work have, for many years, bogged down the bandwidth of small business owners and entrepreneurs. That is, until Honeybook—the end-to-end client management app that streamlines project tracking, bookings, invoicing, and payments—came on the scene in 2013.

Honeybook grew quickly, but as its business picked up speed, their marketing platform couldn’t keep pace. That’s when their team identified Iterable as the ideal solution to fit their requirements for agility, processing power, and execution. After moving their campaigns over to the Iterable platform, the team was executing campaigns in just 15 days.

“With Iterable, we have the tools we need to segment, personalize, and monitor performance of our campaigns—all in one platform. We have access to all our customer data, centralized and analyzed in one place, which makes it easier to create the type of personalized experiences that keep customers coming back. We’re able to work smarter, not harder. And that makes us a better brand,” shares Toby Skinner, Director of Performance Marketing at Honeybook.

Celebrating Shared Success

When we started Iterable nine years ago, I was busy hustling between my laptop screen and investor meetings, focusing on perfecting our platform’s code so it would be ready to support our future customers’ success. I fell asleep at night dreaming that one customer —one brand or business—would take a chance on our platform.
As I stand here today, I’m proud that our hard work and dedication is starting to bear fruit. Today, with four global offices and over 700 Iterators, we’ve surpassed my one customer dream. We’ve surpassed 1,000 customers using our platform around the world.

Nasdaq 1000 Customers

The Iterable team in New York gathered outside of Nasdaq MarketSite to celebrate.

Now, that number is in the rearview, and we’re moving on to more—more brands, more messages, more marketers, and more joyful experiences delivered around the world.

Join the Iterable community in San Francisco September 7-9 for Activate Summit North America and find out what delivering joy is all about!

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