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Email Marketing in E-Commerce, Part 3: Blast Campaigns [Infographic]

After sharing the results of the top e-retailers’ welcome campaigns and cart abandonment campaigns from our User Engagement Top 100 Report, we’re concluding this blog series by diving deeper into the blast marketing campaigns of the industry leaders in e-commerce.

But before we jump right in, let’s review our research framework. We created an account for each of the top 100 e-commerce companies ranked by Internet Retailer, and studied how many email blasts were sent in one week.

We then examined the content of each blast and determined industry trends.

Here is the full infographic (see below) that details the results of each campaign type—welcome, cart abandonment and blast—covered in the report.


Here are some of the most interesting findings from e-commerce blast campaigns:

Busy holiday season? Not really…

Our study was conducted in mid-December, one of the busiest times of year for e-retailers, but only 57 out of 100 e-retailers sent blast marketing emails within a week of a new user signup. The average number of emails sent per business was 4.7 in one week.

The majority of companies (42 percent) sent between two and five emails, 26 percent sent only one, 25 percent blasted between six and ten times, and the remaining 7 percent sent more than ten emails.

It’s all about industry

Though only 57 percent of the studied sites sent blast emails, there was a wide variance of email frequency between industries. Here is the industry breakdown based on our results.

Industries with highest email frequency

  • Apparel
  • Floral and Gifting
  • General E-Commerce
  • Home and Garden

Industries with lowest email frequency

  • Outdoor and Sporting Goods
  • Automotive
  • Toys and Entertainment
  • Grocery and Pharmacy

Test your deliverability

Seven of the top 100 e-commerce leaders delivered blast emails that ended up in the spam folder.

We found that there was a correlation between the total number of emails sent and the likelihood that the emails went to spam.

Who wants their efforts to go in vain? Test before you send with a growth marketing platform designed with marketers’ needs top of mind.

Concluding remarks

The blast emails that made the biggest impact were the ones with personalized messages, vibrant imagery, unique animations, and clear calls to action. Avoid sending repetitive emails or frequently re-using templates. Pack your blasts with personality!

For best practices on running effective welcome, cart abandonment and blast campaigns, check out the User Engagement Top 100 Report for our full analysis.

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