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How Fivetran Simplifies Normalizing and Centralizing Data

If you’ve been around our content recently, you might have noticed a theme of Dreamers, Builders and Makers. These are the people behind today’s customer experiences. The ones coming up with big ideas, solving problems and thinking creatively and strategically to make sure every customer has an experience worth remembering. 

As part of our effort to highlight these professionals, we kicked off a new interview series, “Dream It, Build It, Make It.” In this series, I dive deep with guests from a variety of industries to learn more about how they are working to create long-lasting connections with their audiences. We’re all in this together, so what better way to collaborate than sharing ideas?

In our latest installment, I sat down with Zarmina Niazie, Product Marketing Manager at Fivetran, a leader in automated data integration. While integrating data from various sources can seem like a daunting task, Zarmina explains why the process becomes much easier if you do the prep work before upgrading your systems.  

Meet Zarmina From Fivetran

Analytics are great. I think we can all agree on that. Extracting insights from these analytics, however, can be a bit more challenging if your data is scattered and siloed. Identifying the ROI of your different marketing channels becomes a lot easier when you normalize your data across these different sources and then centralize them to get a holistic view. 

Zarmina chatted with me about the different ways brands can achieve this cohesive view of data and analytics while keeping costs low and working collaboratively across departments. Sounds like a dream, huh?

Give it a watch or listen right here. 

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