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being bold in 2023

How Iterable Plans to Be Bold in 2023

The past few years have felt like a marathon. But unlike a marathon, it’s been impossible to preview the journey, prepare for all possible scenarios, and rest, stretch, and recover when things get tough. The world has been changing at such a fast pace that, sometimes, it felt like all we could do was try to keep up.

Running this marathon has not been easy. But we did it. We survived a pandemic, a great resignation, supply chain disruptions, heightened consumer expectations, and so much more. In overcoming these challenges, we’ve learned that we are strong, capable, resourceful, and resilient. Our confidence helped us stand tall, embrace uncertainty, and take calculated risks. And it’s because of our boldness that, when looking back on the year, we have so much to celebrate.

2022 in Review

It’s thanks to our talented team, and their commitment to delivering joyful experiences for every organization around the world, that we have so much to celebrate.

Over the past 12 months, we:

We’ll always face new challenges. But if we’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s that, if we shift our perspective, and view these obstacles as opportunities, we can overcome anything that comes our way—and we’ll continue to do so going forward.

Being Bold in 2023

Next year, we’re going to continue to dream big, take chances, embrace change, and work together. We will continue to dream big about the future of marketing. We will continue to build the tools and capabilities that enable today’s most innovative brands and businesses to win. And we will continue to deliver joyful experiences to every organization in the world.

Fortune favors the bold. And in 2023, that’s what we’re going to be.

Bold Advice from Iterable’s Newest Executives

But what does being bold really mean? How does that trickle down to your business and team? We asked the newest members of our executive team to help, by sharing their advice on how to be bold.

Vasu Kohli, Chief Information Security Officer

“Don’t be afraid of risks and needed changes; instead, partner with those around you to help gain a deeper understanding of them. Lead with curiosity and humility and be confident that together you can navigate change. Coming to work every day expecting change as the status quo will not yield the transformation that any company deserves and needs to grow and meet its full potential.

It’s also important that leaders are good listeners and instill trust and confidence in their team, to not only go through the motions every day, but also share opportunities for improvement along the way. This empowers and encourages them to lean into a growth mindset and turn those opportunities into a string of successes. With these principles my team has been successfully growing and meeting our fast-paced environment.”

Sejal Patel Daswani, Chief People Officer

“As the pace of innovation and technology in the workplace continues to accelerate, it gives us an opportunity to innovate and rethink how we support our employees and managers. As a people leader, my job is to empower Iterators to achieve their human potential and career aspirations and execute so that we can continue to grow our business.

It’s more important now than ever before to let go of hesitation, forget legacy mindsets, and embrace an iterative and experimental mindset—be agile! You don’t have to be 100% ready to move forward on a People team initiative but start with listening to employees and managers, define the problem statement and then design solutions and pilot. Get your ideas out there, test them, pilot, listen closely to feedback, and move quickly to make improvements and iterate. As any product requires, we begin with pilots and then iterate on versions…1.0, 2.0 and beyond.

We bring the product development cycle into our work as People leaders and have a mindset to integrate feedback and user inputs and create experiences that delight our employees and solve critical pain points. Our Iterable People Team mission is to empower and elevate all of Iterable to grow to their full potential and drive business growth with a mindset of being agile, innovative, and attune to feedback, we can do it.”

Bobby Jaffari, Chief Revenue Officer

“I was once told that you couldn’t sell something you don’t believe in. So I think boldness for me is a function of belief and conviction. I focus on instilling a sense of confidence in my sales team—confidence in Iterable’s product and confidence in our story, and, of course, confidence in themselves.

Luckily, with Iterable, believing in our product and story is our strong suit. We all know that we have the most powerful customer communication platform out there. We know how our product has helped our customers do great things for their users. And we know that our company story is powerful because it is values-driven. When we can communicate these convictions with confidence, it’s magic.”

Sanam Saaber, Chief Legal Officer

“It doesn’t matter what level you are at a company, or where you are at in your education or career: risks, big or small, are terrifying. That’s why I’m a huge fan of small acts of courage—taking micro steps and small, calculated risks. Over time, these seemingly minor acts of courage have incremental impacts that can build up.

While it’s true that growth happens outside of your comfort zone, the perception that you have to feel like you’re jumping off a cliff to develop is misguided. You’ll see much more profound returns by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone a little every day. The biggest risk is not taking any risk—if you don’t go out on the branch, you’re never going to get the best fruit.”

Iterable in the New Year

Our company name, Iterable, means we’re not afraid to iterate, test, and try again. What sets us apart as a business, and what makes us a best place to work, is the pace at which we innovate. We build products and create capabilities that ensure our customers succeed in this competitive and challenging environment.

The fact of the matter is that the world moves fast. Look around you! The pace of our society and technology is only picking up speed. And in today’s world, where innovation is currency, companies can’t afford to slow their pace.

There’s no time for hesitation in the new year. There’s no time to stick to the status quo. If you’re brave and bold, you will win.

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