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Individualization on a Global Scale With Global SMS, Locales, and More

The digital landscape for an individualized customer experience is changing—in a multitude of ways.

An increasing number of businesses are exploring opportunities to diversify their business operations on a global scale. Channel usage and preferences have shifted, with 54% of customers wanting marketing texts, but only about 11% of businesses using SMS.

With the push for global and channel expansion, so too have consumers begun pushing back for a better and more secure experience—one with less noise.

Brands are stuck trying to reach more customers, but in a way that’s secure and relevant. It’s tough, which is why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest additions to Iterable that help marketers individualize the customer experience globally, at scale, and in ways the customer can trust.

Connecting With Customers Across the Globe the Way They Want

With Iterable’s Summer Product Release, we’re providing the easiest and most secure way to connect with global audiences at scale. These key features will help improve efficiency so you can focus on optimizing for just the right experience for each customer.

Increase Global Reach With SMS

A big concern for marketers has been the ease of adopting SMS globally. Full SMS adoption often requires a third party provider with more contracts, more vendor negotiations, and more points making it harder to activate your data.

With Iterable’s Global SMS, there is no third-party involvement and only one contract. Now, marketers can harmonize their cross-channel experiences using SMS while still maintaining a single source of truth. You can now consolidate all of your SMS needs into Iterable with the comfort of knowing you have a full suite of compliance and acquisition tools behind you that can send messages to 30+ locales.

With Iterable, brands can rest assured they are abiding by local compliance standards with country-specific SMS compliance baked into the Iterable platform. For example, because you cannot send text messages to customers in France on public holidays, if the user tries to send SMS on those days, the Iterable system will create a “Send Skip” event to prevent the message from sending.

And with Iterable’s powerful shortlink builder, you can easily attribute ROI and revenue to your SMS campaigns.

Make Localized Campaigns a Breeze

Expanding to a more global audience means new languages, dialects, and region-specific content. Individualizing the experience for each of these locales, while also accommodating users’ language preferences is a near impossible task to execute for most teams.

Iterable’s new Default Locales makes it easier to send messages tailored to a user’s locale and preferences by providing the flexibility to define locales at the campaign and template level. You no longer have to manually build out a new journey. Default Locales add a new dimension of scalability and efficiency for teams serving geo-specific audiences.

Avoid Message Fatigue With Frequency Capping and Optimization

Message fatigue is real. Marketers are pushed to increase messaging volume, but everyone’s doing that, so the customer experience feels noisy, intrusive, and cluttered.

Iterable’s new Frequency Capping and AI-powered Frequency Optimization features help marketers manage the amount of messages sent to each individual. Timing is everything, and with these features, marketers can use AI to identify the optimal amount of messages to send to each user. With Frequency Capping, marketers can set a limit—or cap—of how many messages can be sent to specific users, while Frequency Optimization taps into Iterable’s powerful AI capabilities to determine what frequency is right for each individual within a set range. No more one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone gets an experience that is right for them.

Operate Globally and Securely With New EU Data Center Coming This Fall

Data security is top of mind, especially for EU-based and multinational companies operating amidst increasingly strict regulations. Consumers are inundated with news stories about security breaches where consumer data is compromised. It’s gotten to the point where an overwhelming majority of users believe companies must do more to protect their data online.

With our new EU Data Center coming this Fall, Iterable is taking a big step to helping our EU-based and multinational companies provide security and build trust for their customers. This new data center—based in Ireland—also has massive benefits for users beyond compliance, including reduced latency and improved liability.

Trust is a vital piece of a customer experience that drives retention. Better data privacy and security goes a long way in building that trust.

With the new slate of features above, marketers can feel empowered to connect with customers around the world in a way that is efficient and optimized for execution.

Learn more about each of these features by signing up for a demo with our experts.

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