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Introducing Mobile Inbox: Your Next Digital Channel

More than a decade ago, phones got “smart” and rocked the marketing world. Mobile apps suddenly redefined how consumers and brands interacted. Instant communication across the push and in-app channels quickly closed the digital gap between brands and consumers like never before.

Fast forward to the present where mobile communication lines…haven’t really changed that much since 2008. Though channel sophistication has grown (targeting, deep-linking, built-in interactivity, etc.), there’s been little innovation on the “new” mobile channel front…until now!

Introducing: Mobile Inbox

Today, we’re excited to announce Mobile Inbox, a new customer-friendly home for in-app messages. In-app messaging proved its value as an effective channel for prompting action during app sessions—tapping into promotions, completing outstanding actions, or learning more about users—but its instantaneous nature can interrupt an otherwise fluid app experience. Unfortunately, your users can’t reread or re-engage with your messages once dismissed. 

With Mobile Inbox, we’ve mitigated that disruption and offer marketers a new venue for sharing that same, highly-personalized in-app content in a place that is available for revisiting at any time. Messages are natively stored inside each user’s Mobile Inbox for sorting and recall—just like an email inbox! Message delivery is unobtrusive and conveniently saved.

Less Time Wondering, More Time Knowing

Because we’ve built Mobile Inbox from the ground up, there’s a wealth of analytical insight waiting to be unlocked. Marketers will have a 360˚ view of the user actions and behaviors taking place inside Mobile Inbox: what they open, when they open it, how often they reopen it, what they keep and what they don’t, and much more!

What’s even better? Marketers can use this same behavior data for deeper campaign segmentation and workflow filtering. We’ve made it possible for marketers to trigger workflows and webhooks off of Mobile Inbox actions, adding further detail and depth to your campaigns.

Your Vision, Supported by Iterable

Iterable’s growth marketing platform was built for flexibility, so when designing this new messaging channel, it was critical for our Product team to provide customers the ability to make their Mobile Inbox look and feel like an integral part of their app.

To achieve this, we’ve made it so you have the power to:

  • Easily customize your Mobile Inbox’s appearance and interaction behaviors
  • Define your own message sorting orders
  • Create different styles—like cards, lists, or even a mix of both stylings
Mobile Inbox customization

Customize the Mobile Inbox experience that feels native to your app.

These examples demonstrate just a few ways of how you’ll be able to customize your inbox. Read on for even more use cases. If you can imagine it, you can build it!

Endless Possibilities With Mobile Inbox

The Mobile Inbox channel adds new versatility to your marketing campaigns. Here are a few ways you can diversify your cross-channel experience:

  • Promotions
    Promotions act as an excellent strategy to re-engage dormant users or simply drive additional purchases. With Mobile Inbox, users now have a place in your application to repeatedly reference valuable promotions, like holiday sales, monthly discount codes and more.
  • Recommendations
    Perhaps you offer a restaurant reservation app, and you want to send the “Hottest 10 Restaurants in your Area” to users. If you were to send a traditional in-app notification, there’s no way for that customer to reference this list later when they’re interested in finding a dinner spot. However, with Mobile Inbox, you can also send it to their inbox, allowing them to access this information at any time.
  • Onboarding guides
    We’ve all entered mobile apps and swiped through onboarding as fast as we can, only to later ask ourselves, “How do I do this?” Save your user a trip to the web, and instead send them to the Mobile Inbox where that onboarding guide is waiting.
  • Feature announcements
    As marketers, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to drive product adoption. If you’re a mobile-first company, then a great way to engage with your users is right within your application. Mobile Inbox offers you a way to deliver and store feature updates for customers to engage and reference when needed.

Start Today

With Mobile Inbox, marketers have gained an entirely new mobile channel to enhance their users’ experience. To learn more, sign up for a custom demo today.

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