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Iterable + AppsFlyer: A Complete Attribution Solution

Using Iterable’s AppsFlyer integration, marketers can now eliminate their data attribution silos and create a sophisticated engagement strategy.

A crucial component of any growth marketing strategy is understanding the impact of your business decisions.

Whether you’re forking over millions of dollars for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial or tweaking a single word inside a digital ad, marketing choices—both big and small—greatly affect how customers receive your brand.

To choose the best path forward, all efforts, actions and returns on investments must be carefully evaluated.

Now let’s say you’re on a marketing team that’s using both email and paid media (Google, Twitter, Facebook and more) to drive mobile application downloads.

Your task is threefold:

  1. Identify the channels driving the most app installs
  2. Calculate channel performance against ROI and LTV metrics
  3. Reallocate your time and energy toward the areas of greatest impact

With Iterable’s new AppsFlyer integration, optimizing acquisition efforts has never been easier. You’ll gain attribution clarity, consolidated insights and advanced campaign building to take your team’s efforts to the next level.

What Exactly Is AppsFlyer?

AppsFlyer, a global attribution leader, helps brands attribute clicks (users you’re paying for) with downstream events (KPIs, installations, purchases, etc.) throughout the user journey.

AppsFlyer centralizes valuable attribution and ROI data from your different media sources into a single source of truth for comprehensive comparison and spend optimization.

Acquisition insights from Facebook, Twitter, Google and more

Compare the performance of all your different paid and owned media sources

AppsFlyer’s OneLink Universal Deep Linking technology seamlessly routes users from any OS, channel or platform to the destinations you choose—landing pages, app store, in-app experiences and more. OneLink delivers uninterrupted mobile navigation experiences and accurately attributes every step of the journey.

Do More With Iterable and AppsFlyer

By combining Iterable with AppsFlyer and its OneLink deep linking solution, you’re able to attribute every app install to the marketing campaigns and media sources that drive them—whether it’s paid acquisition, organic acquisition or email-driven installs.

This powerful integration helps marketers unify their acquisition and engagement strategies and enrich their various lifecycle campaigns with insightful install and event data.

Let’s See It in Action: Kimberly Needs a New Book!

Kimberly is a former user of the hypothetical EZRead Book App, which she deleted after finishing her last book.

However, she now finds herself with ample free time and she’s looking to find her next book. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at how this journey unfolds.

Kimberly's customer journey with Iterable and AppsFlyer

Kimberly’s customer journey with EZRead

10 AM

She clicks on a EZRead web advertisement but gets distracted and doesn’t download the app.

  • AppsFlyer receives a click event from hypothetical Ad Network XYZ

12 PM

Now she sees a Google advertisement for the EZRead App. She suddenly remembers she really needs to find a new book! She clicks on the ad but, once again, gets distracted and doesn’t download the app.

  • Google registers click data to its proprietary attribution system

6 PM

Coincidentally, Kimberly’s monthly personalized win-back email from EZRead gets sent to her that night via Iterable.

  • As mentioned above, Kimberly used to have the app, deleted it while Marie Kondo-ing her phone, but she remained subscribed to EZRead emails
  • Because Iterable holds customer data in perpetuity, EZRead is able to send win-back campaigns and has been reaching out to users who had previously installed the app

8 PM

Kimberly opens the email and finally re-downloads the app!

  • AppsFlyer receives a click event from Iterable and generates a seamless deferred deep linking experience with OneLink
  • Upon install, AppsFlyer accumulates the event data from all three partners and with last-click attribution, credits Iterable with the app install

8:15 PM

Kimberly is welcomed back to EZRead with another personalized email

  • AppsFlyer sends a postback event to Iterable
  • Iterable triggers the start of Kimberly’s Welcome and Onboarding Campaign

In Kimberly’s scenario, you can quickly see why capturing this level of detail is critical to highly targeted marketing efforts.

If you’re only using Google and other siloed attribution systems, then you’re facing two major issues:

  • First off, siloed attribution will take credit for those click and impression events.
  • Secondly, without Iterable’s AppsFlyer integration, you would lack the visibility to correctly attribute this app installation to email—not paid social.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

By combining the power of Iterable and AppsFlyer, you’ll gain an unbiased, accurate view of your marketing performance and a more sophisticated approach to attribution, data-driven campaign building and budgetary marketing decisions.

To take full advantage of the Iterable + AppsFlyer integration and to see it in action, sign up for a custom Iterable demo or AppsFlyer live demo today.

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