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Spring 2022 G2 Grid®

Iterable Named a Marketing Automation Leader in Spring 2022 G2 Grid® Report

G2 has named Iterable a Leader in Marketing Automation. The Leader ranking means Iterable falls in the top right-hand quadrant on G2’s Enterprise Grid® for Marketing Automation Software, which compares Satisfaction and Market Presence. Iterable’s score was based on high levels of customer satisfaction and overwhelmingly positive reviews from real marketers on the world’s leading business solutions review website, G2.

Iterable’s G2 Product Profile

According to the Spring 2022 G2 Grid® Report for Marketing Automation, Iterable has been named a Leader based on high Satisfaction ratings and a continually-growing Market Presence.

What does this mean? 94% of all Iterable users rated Iterable 4 stars or higher (out of 5). And 90% of users think Iterable is headed in the right direction.

Digging a bit deeper into the report, Iterable also met or outranked the industry averages in three crucial marketing platform capabilities:

  • Breadth of partner applications (6% above average)
  • Building and personalizing emails (3% above average)
  • Sending outbound emails (aligned with average)

Yes, features and functionality are important elements of tools within your martech stack, but G2 user ratings reflect that marketers choose Iterable over legacy platforms when it comes to our qualitative values:

  • Ease of use (2% above average)
  • Quality of support (1% above average)
  • Ease of doing business with (1% above average)

What Our Customers Are Saying About the Iterable Platform

With over 1.1 million reviews, G2 represents the real voices of actual software users with first-hand product experiences.

“I like that it’s possible to send push notifications and emails with Iterable!”

-Iryna K., Senior Mobile/Web Developer

“Workflow functionality is great, there are many different ways to trigger a workflow and update user profile data with a few clicks. I like their segmentation tool as well, there are many options to segment and you can see how many users are in the audience and get a detailed list of each. And customer support is pretty good too, they usually answer very quickly with a comprehensive solution.”

– User in Commercial Real Estate

“I prefer Iterable because it plays great with dev teams. From a robust API integration to intuitive segmentation and workflow design, I know it’s going to play nice with my back-end database. The really powerful parts of Iterable come with their Data Feed and Catalog features. These features allow you to access custom object information in your marketing campaigns and even filter logic based on some fields.”

– Jon U., CRM Consultant

“Don’t wait. Move to Iterable and scale your email program with a professional, top-notch, easy-to-use platform supported by a knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and kind team behind it.”

– James J., Email Marketing Operations Manager

“Over a year ago, we replaced SailThru with Iterable and couldn’t be happier with that decision. Aside from the vast improvement in personalization and automation, one of my favorite features is the ease of integration with other 3rd party platforms through API calls or web hooks. This has allowed us to reach disengaged or unsubscribed email users across social media and direct mail.”

– Administrator in Food & Beverages

Marketing Automation Defined

G2 defines Marketing Automation software as a product that “automates marketing actions or tasks, streamlines marketing workflows, and measures the outcomes of marketing campaigns.”

“These tools provide a central marketing database for all marketing information and interactions, helping marketers create segmented, personalized and timely marketing experiences for customers or prospects.”

To qualify for inclusion in the Marketing Automation category, a product must, among other factors:

  • Automate two or more of the following: email, social media, SMS, and digital ads
  • Provide advanced email marketing capabilities including A/B testing, spam filter testing, scheduling, segmentation, and detailed performance reporting
  • Act as a central marketing database for marketing information and interactions
  • Allow dynamic segmentation of marketing campaign targets
  • Contact targets across multiple channels after specific actions, triggers, or periods of time
  • Perform lead management to include lead nurturing and lead scoring
  • Generate forms and landing pages to collect prospect information
  • Provide analytics and reports that track the entire lifecycle of a campaign, including ties to revenue and/or campaign ROI

In addition, these following metrics affect a company’s Satisfaction rating:

  • Customer satisfaction with end user-focused product attributes based on user reviews
  • Popularity and statistical significance based on the number of reviews received by G2
  • Quality of reviews received (reviews that are more thoroughly completed will be weighted more heavily)
  • Age of reviews (more-recent reviews provide relevant and up-to-date information that is reflective of the current state of a product)
  • Customers’ satisfaction with administration-specific product attributes based on user reviews
  • Overall customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score® (NPS) based on ratings by G2 users

Also, these following metrics affect a company’s Market Presence rating:

Market presence is a combination of 15 metrics from G2’s reviews, publicly available information, and third-party sources

  • Both the software sellers and the individual products are measured on various criteria. The criteria are listed in order of importance. Products metric receive greater weight than seller metrics
Criteria Measured For Metrics
  Product Seller  
Number of Employees X X

Employee count (based on social networks and public sources)

Reviews X  

Review count (weighted by recency)

Web Presence X X  
Social Presence X X  
Growth X X

Employee Growth, Web Presence Growth

Seller Age   X  
Employee Satisfaction & Engagement   X  
  • Each input is normalized by category and segment. This means that scores are relative to other products in the category/segment and may change from segment to segment
  • The scores are then scaled from 0-100

Big thank you to our customers for their partnership in maintaining Iterable as one of the best Marketing Automation solutions in the market.

You can download the Spring 2022 G2 Grid® Report for Marketing Automation for all the insights, as well as an understanding of how Iterable compares to other platforms.

See how our platform stacks up in The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q1 2022 and, if you’d like to learn even more, schedule a demo today.


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